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Active Speech Filter Online Calculator

The active speech filter online calculator can select the filter type according to the design requirements and input the filter bandwidth to calculate the corresponding parameters.

Instructions for use: Please select the type of filter you want to design (Qualcomm, Low Pass or Bandpass Filter). Click [Display Circuit Diagram] to display the circuit schematic;

Input parameters: voltage amplification factor; filter cutoff frequency in HZ; capacitance C2 value in nF. When you design a bandpass filter, enter the filter bandwidth you want to design in the bandwidth box.      


                         Filter type:    
 Voltage amplification:        
 bandwidth(Bandpass filter):  HZ
 Cut-off frequency:      KHz
 CapacitanceC2:          nF

Version 1.0.0

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                                                R2 = 

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                                                C1 = 

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