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On line calculator for iron core core

Iron core: Ferric oxide, commonly known as magnetic material, is mainly used to deal with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems in circuit circuits. The most frequently used magnetic ring material is iron powder core.

The function of iron core is: When a certain band clutter in the circuit circuit passes through the magnetic ring, the electromagnetic characteristics of the magnetic ring will cause the current in this band to be converted into magnetic force and part of the heat is consumed to reduce the effect of the clutter.

Magnetic core (magnetic ring): Refers to a sintered magnetic metal oxide composed of a mixture of various iron oxides. For example, manganese-zinc ferrite, nickel-zinc ferrite

The role of the core:In order to increase the magnetic induction of the electromagnet, a magnetically permeable body (magnetic core) is provided in the magnetic circuit of the inductor.

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Iron powder core magnetic ring model specification sheet

This calculator is calculated with reference to Amidon's products, and other companies' products can be calculated using this calculator reference.

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