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Phase-locked loop filter

This calculator is an online third-order charge pump phase-locked loop filter calculator for loop filter parameter calculation of phase-locked loops.

The phase locked loop is generally composed of a phase detector PD, a loop filter LPF, and a voltage controlled oscillator VCO.
The loop filter is an important part of the phase-locked loop and belongs to the low-pass filter. The order of the low pass filter determines the order of the phase locked loop. Commonly used loop filters include RC integral filters, proportional integral filters, active integration filters, and the like.

Third-order charge pump phase-locked loop filter
Output frequency [Hz]
Reference frequency [Hz]
Loop bandwidth [Hz]
Phase margin [deg]
Voltage controlled oscillator gain [MHz/V]
Charge pump gain [mA/2*∏*rad]
Reference attenuation [dB]

C1 [nF]
C2 [nF]
C3 [nF]
R2 [Ω]
R3 [Ω]