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Triode switch saturation calculator

The following triode switch saturation calculator calculates the base resistance of the transistor as it enters saturation or drives the electronic switch.

Transistors enter saturation or drive electronic switches. So calculating parameters is important.

Rc (Collector resistor) (KΩ) 
VP (Positive Voltage) (V)
Beta(min) (Amplification factor, current gain)
VBE (Base to emitter drop) (V)

Rb (Base resistor) (KΩ) 

By load current saturation, the base current must be Ib=Ic/Beta. Transistors have different gains, so we need to use the lowest value of the beta to ensure saturation.

Rb= (VP-VBE)/Ib= (VP-VBE)*Magnification coefficient/Ic= (VP-VBE)*Magnification coefficient*Rc/VP