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Yamaichi Test & Burn-in Sockets

Published time: 2019-12-19 00:19:56

Yamaichi Test & Burn-in Sockets

Yamaichi offers the industry's most comprehensive range of Test & Burn-in Sockets. Developed using Yamaichi Electronics' Compression Mount Technology (CMT), the CMT Series Test & Burn-in Sockets meet the challenging design specifications for high-power burn-in socketing applications. The series features contact pin tips that can be configured to LGA or BGA applications and a modular design for easy replacement of socket components in the field. CMT Series Test & Burn-in Sockets provide excellent electrical performance with a stable contact resistance and low inductance for a minimum of 10,000 insertions in an operating temperature range of -55°C to +170°C. Several package options are available including Plastic Lead Chip Carrier (PLCC), SOP (Small Outline Package), and QFP (Quad Flat Package). Additional features such as two-point contact construction for high reliability and "one touch" auto-eject for easy IC removal are also available depending on the socket package.

Yamaichi Electronics USA, Inc. (YEU) is a wholly owned subsidiary division of Yamaichi Electronics Company, LTD. (YEC). This sub-division, referred to as “YEU”, serves as a Corporate Sales Office representing Yamaichi products in North America. Yamaichi’s parent corporation, YEC, has subsidiaries and manufacturing in over 11 different countries.



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