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About the Spartan-7 of Xilinx FPGA Family

Update Time: 2020-04-28 15:46:23

About the Spartan-7 of Xilinx FPGA Family

The Spartan®-7 FPGA family of Xilinx, Inc that will deliver I/O intensive devices for cost-sensitive applications. The new family will address connectivity requirements across a breadth of markets including automotive, consumer, industrial IoT, data center, wired and wireless communications, and portable medical solutions. All new Spartan-7 FPGAs will be supported on the no-cost Vivado® Design Suite WebPACK™ Edition, as well as the Vivado Design and System Editions, to enable fastest time to integration and implementation. 

The Spartan-7 FPGA family will deliver high I/O ratios in small form factor packages, critical for cost-sensitive markets. The family will provide up to 4X price-performance-per-watt improvement over previous generations for flexible connectivity, interface bridging, and companion chip functionality.

"Xilinx has a long history of providing cost optimized solutions with our Spartan class of products," says Kirk Saban, Senior Director of FPGA & SoC Product Management and Marketing at Xilinx. "The introduction of the Spartan-7 FPGA family re-affirms our continued commitment to that heritage and extends our multi-generational leadership in I/O density, small form factor packaging, and power efficiency."

The new family will be co-optimized with the industry-leading Vivado Design Suite to deliver an IP-centric and system-centric development environment to address short development cycle requirements and aggressive time-to-market pressures common in cost-conscious markets. The Spartan-7 FPGA family will extend the existing Xilinx 7 Series portfolio, implemented in TSMC's 28nm HPL process.

About Xilinx

Xilinx is the leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs, MPSoCs, and 3D ICs. Xilinx uniquely enables applications that are both software defined and hardware optimized – powering industry advancements in Cloud Computing, SDN/NFV, Video/Vision, Industrial IoT, and 5G Wireless.


            XILINX FPGA/CPLD
 Lattice-Vantis   M4A3-64/32  M4A3-96/48  M4A3-128/64  M4A3-256/128
 M4A5-64/32  M4A5-96/48  M4A5-128/64  M4A5-256/128
 M4A5-32/32  M4A3-32/32  LC4032V/4064/4128/4256  XC9536/9572/95108
 CoolRunner-II  CoolRunner-II CoolRunner-XPLA3    
 XC9500  XC9500  XC9500XL  XC9500XV  
 Virtex   XCV50  XCV100  XCV150  XCV200
 XCV300   XCV400  XCV600  XCV800
 Virtex-II  XC2V40  XC2V80  XC2V250  XC2V1000
 XC2V1500  XC2V2000  XC2V4000  XC2V6000
 Virtex-II Pro  XC2VP2   XC2VP4  XC2VP7  XC2VP20
 XC2VPX20  XC2VP30  XC2VP40  XC2VP50
 XC2VP70  XC2VPX70  XC2VP100  
 Virtex-4  Virtex-4 LX  Virtex-4 SX  Virtex-4 FX  Virtex-4 Q
 Virtex-4 QV  XC4VLX15  XC4VLX25  XC4VLX40
 XC4VLX60  XC4VLX80  XC4VLX100  XC4VLX160
 XC4VLX200  XC4VSX25  XC4VSX35  XC4VSX55
 XC4VFX100  XC4VFX140    
 Virtex-5  Virtex-5LX  Virtex-5LXT  Virtex-5SXT  Virtex-5FXT
 Virtex-5LX  XC5VLX30  XC5VLX50  XC5VLX85  XC5VLX110
 XC5VLX115  XC5VLX220  XC5VLX330  
 Virtex-5LXT  XC5VLX20T  XC5VLX30T  XC5VLX50T  XC5VLX85T
 Virtex-5SXT  XC5VSX35T  XC5VSX50T  XC5VSX95T  XC5VSX240T
 Virtex-5FXT  XC5VFX30T  XC5VFX70T  XC5VFX100T  XC5VFX130T

 XC5VTX150T   XC5VTX240T    
 Virtex-E  XCV50E  XCV100E  XCV200E  XCV300E
 XCV400E  XCV600E  XCV1000E  XCV1600E
 XCV2000E  XCV2600E  XCV3200E  XCV405E
 Virtex-4QV  XQR4VSX55  XQR4VFX60  XQR4VFX140  XQR4VLX200
 Spartan/XL  XCS05   XCS05XL  XCS10  XCS10XL
 XCS40  XCS40XL    
 Spartan-II  XC2S15  XC2S30  XC2S50  XC2S100
 XC2S150  XC2S200    
 Spartan-IIE  XC2S50E  XC2S100E  XC2S150E  XC2S200E
 XC2S300E  XC2S400E  XC2S600E  
 Spartan-3  XC3S50  XC3S200   XC3S400   XC3S1000
 XC3S1500  XC3S2000  XC3S4000  XC3S5000
 Spartan-3A  XC3S50A  XC3S200A  XC3S400A  XC3S700A
 Spartan-3AN  XC3S50AN  XC3S200AN  XC3S400AN  XC3S700AN
 XC3S1400AN  XC3SD1800A  XC3SD3400A  
 Spartan-3E  XC3S100E  XC3S250E  XC3S500E  XC3S1200E
 CoolRunner-II   XC2C32A  XC2C64A  XC2C128  XC2C256
 XC2C384  XC2C512    
 CoolRunner-XPLA3  XCR3032XL  XCR3064XL  XCR3128XL  XCR3256XL
 XCR3384XL  XCR3512XL    
 XC9500  XC9536  XC9572  XC95108  XC95144
 XC95216  XC95288    
 XC9500X  XC9536XL  XC9572XL  XC95144XL  XC95288XL
 XC9536XV  XC9572XV  XC95144XV  XC95288XV

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