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Wireless bonded LED touts very bright output

Published time: 2019-12-20 23:37:10

Wireless bonded LED touts very bright output

Lumex announced the global launch of its TitanBrite Wireless Bonded LED featuring “flip chips” that are said to be up to 15 percent brighter than any others in the market. In addition to the standard 3-W and W LEDs, this LED is also available in 9 W. High light output is achieved in a compact space, and the light performance is not disrupted by shadows or other obstacles to consistent performance. With wireless bonded technology the chip can directly emit light from the top and the side with no wire bond casting shadows or creating uneven light distribution. The enhanced shock and vibration resistance of wireless bonded LEDs stems from its durable design. Due to the absence of a wire bond and a hard epoxy layer, the wireless bonded LEDs are asserted to be five times stronger and more robustly designed than standard, high power LEDs. They can withstand high temperatures without compromising performance and have a large surface area for heat dissipation. Due to the placement of junction pads on the bottom of the flip chip, heat can be transported faster than with a regular high power LED, keeping this technology 25 percent cooler than traditional high power wire bond technologies, according to the company.


Lumex is a leading manufacturer of LEDs, optoelectronic components, devices, and displays. Their products are used mostly in the man-to-machine interface, and in some cases, for the detection of motion, short-range signaling, and fiber communications. Lumex offers thousands of items, with an emphasis on both application-specific and customer-specific capabilities. For over 30 years, Lumex, a member of the ITW Group, has been a global leader in the optoelectronics industry. With the broadest range of high efficiency, high performance LEDs and LCDs in the industry, Lumex provides thousands of standard products and specializes in semi-custom and custom designs. Lumex's optical range encompasses a wide spectrum including UV, visible and infrared wavelengths. Lumex's Technical Design Specialists are experts in collaboratively developing effective, smart solutions to design dilemmas. Lumex is unique in the market due to the unprecedented level of complimentary technical support provided to large and small customers alike. Lumex works closely with clients to identify the best standard or customized technology for each specific application need. Countries Served 24 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia Markets Served Over 23 industries Customers Served More than 80,000 ISO 9001 Lumex received its initial ISO 9001 registration in 1996. Lumex's Technical Design Specialists are experts in collaboratively developing effective, smart solutions to design dilemmas.


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