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What software is used to draw PCB board

Published time: 2019-12-20 12:28:48

At present, the software has a lot of, draw PCB for beginners may not know how to choose the PCB drawing software, so here we might as well give you recommend four good, also is commonly used PCB engineers drawing software, these four are software engineering are frequently used in painting, us to the four software for a simple analysis.

1. Prptel software

This software belongs to the mainstream of low-end design in our country, and few people use it abroad.Easy to learn, suitable for beginners, easy to use;But occupies the system resources to be many, moreover to the computer disposition request is high.In China, people who use protel still have a considerable market. After all, the hardware circuit design of small and medium-sized companies is mostly low-end. However, I suggest you to learn other software with better functions as soon as possible, instead of always wandering in the low level.

2. PADS software

This software is quite a lot of people, easy to use, simple, easy to use, personal feeling than Protel use I do not know how many times.Suitable for low-end design, can be called the king of low-end without title.Now the most widely used eda software in the market, suitable for the needs of most small and medium-sized enterprises.

3. CAM350 software

Use of this software is more, our company in the late project is according to the software to confirm the documents, customer if provide us other software information is need to guide us into CAM350 late, customer best offer CAM350 file directly, so that it can reduce the problems arising from late in the process of guide, our engineering documents according to the customers' production line directly.

4. AD software

AD is mainly the integrated electronic product development system launched by Altium, the former Protel software developer, which runs on Windows XP and Windows7 operating systems.This software through the schematic design and circuit simulation, PCB map editor, logic automatic wiring topology, the output signal integrity analysis and design techniques such as perfect fusion, provides designers with a new design solution, the designer can easily design, proficient in the use of this software will make the circuit design quality and efficiency is greatly increased.

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