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What is the reason for copper on PCB boards? what is the benefit?

Published time: 2019-12-20 11:25:48

One of the great advantages of copper plating is that the ground line impedance (the so-called anti-interference is also caused by a large part of the ground line impedance reduction). There are a lot of spike currents in the digital circuit. Therefore, it is more necessary to reduce the ground line impedance. It is generally considered that For circuits composed entirely of digital devices, the ground should be laid over a large area. For analog circuits, the ground loop formed by copper plating may cause electromagnetic coupling interference to be inferior (except for high frequency circuits). Therefore, it is not a circuit that has to be copper.

Copper is used in PCB, there are several reasons for copper plating.

1. EMC

For a large area of ground or power supply copper, it will play a shielding role, and some special, such as PGND, play a protective role.

2, PCB process requirements

generally in order to ensure the plating effect, or lamination is not deformed, copper plating for less PCB layer.


3. Signal integrity requirements

Give the high frequency digital signal a complete return path and reduce the wiring of the DC network. Of course, there are heat dissipation, special device installation requires copper plating and so on.

The significance of circuit copper plating is

1. The copper is connected to the ground wire to reduce the loop area.

2, a large area of copper plating is equivalent to reducing the resistance of the ground wire, reducing the pressure drop.

From these two points, whether it is digital ground or analog ground, copper should be laid to increase the anti-interference ability, and at high frequencies, the digital ground and analog ground should be separated to lay copper, and then connected by a single point. The single point can be wound around a magnetic ring by a wire and then connected. However, if the frequency is not too high, or the working conditions of the instrument are not bad, it can be relatively relaxed.

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