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SD Video Filter Amplifiers-ADA4432-1

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:57:30

SD Video Filter Amplifiers-ADA4432-1

The ADA4432-1 is a single-ended output fully integrated video reconstruction filter that combines overvoltage protection (short-to-battery [STB] protection) and short-to-ground (STG) protection on the outputs, with excellent video specifications and low power consumption. The combination of STB protection and robust ESD tolerance allows the ADA4432-1 to provide superior protection in the hostile automotive environment.

The ADA4432-1 is a single-ended input/single-ended output video filter capable of driving long back-terminated cables.

The short-to-battery protection integrated into the ADA4432-1 protects against both dc and transient overvoltage events, caused by an accidental short to a battery voltage up to 18 V. The Analog Devices, Inc., short-to-battery protection eliminates the need for large output coupling capacitors and other complicated circuits used to protect standard video amplifiers, saving space and cost.

The ADA4432-1 features a high-order filter with −3 dB cutoff frequency response at 10 MHz and 45 dB of rejection at 27 MHz. The ADA4432-1 features an internally fixed gain of 2 V/V. This makes the ADA4432-1 ideal for SD video applications, including NTSC and PAL.

The ADA4432-1 operatea on single supplies as low as 2.6 V and as high as 3.6 V while providing the dynamic range required by the most demanding video systems.

The ADA4432-1 is offered in an 8-lead, 3 mm × 3 mm LFCSP package and a 6-lead SOT-23 package. It is rated for operation over the wide automotive temperature range of −40°C to +125°C.

Appplications of ADA4432-1
Automotive rearview cameras
Automotive video electronic control units (ECUs)
Surveillance video systems

Features and Benefits of ADA4432-1
1.Qualified for automotive applications
2.Output overvoltage (short-to-battery) protection up to 18 V
3.Short-to-battery output flag for wire diagnostics
4.Output short-to-ground protection
5.Fifth-order, low-pass video filter

Download ADA4432-1 datasheet 



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