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Vicor and Kyocera jointly develop a new generation of advanced sealed power supply solutions

Update Time: 2019-12-20 11:38:30

In April 2019, Vicor (nasdaq: VICR) and Kyocera (Tokyo stock exchange: 6971) announced a partnership to develop a new generation of sealed power solutions to maximize performance and shorten the time-to-market for emerging processor technologies.As part of the collaboration between the two technology leaders, Kyocera will provide power and data transmission integration to the processor through organic packaging, modular baseboard and motherboard design.Vicor will provide sealed power supply current multiplier to realize high-density and high-current transmission for the processor.This collaboration will address the challenges faced by the rapid development of higher performance processors -- the associated growth and complexity of high-speed I/O and high consumption requirements.

Vicor's sealed power technology allows for current multiplication within the processor package, providing greater efficiency, density and bandwidth.The current multiplication within the package can not only sharply reduce the interconnection loss by 90%, but also greatly reduce the processor package pin required by the usual large current transmission, so as to increase I/O pin and expand I/O function.Vicor's sealed power solution was exhibited at the 2018 NVIDIA GPU technology conference and the 2018 China open data center summit.Vicor advanced encapsulated power technology enables vertical power supply (VPD) from the bottom of the processor.Vertical power supply actually greatly reduces power supply transmission (PDN) losses while maximizing I/O functionality and design flexibility.

Kyocera's proprietary solutions for optimizing processor performance and reliability are based on decades of experience in packaging, module and motherboard manufacturing to meet the needs of customers worldwide.It USES Vicor sealed power device in many applications and has accumulated rich design expertise.Kyocera provides the best design for complex I/O routing, high-speed memory routing, and high-current power supply through its design techniques, simulation tools, and manufacturing experience.Together, Kyocera and Vicor will market new solutions for ai and high-performance processor applications.

Regarding Vicor

Vicor company based in andover, Massachusetts, has always been committed to the design, manufacture and sale of based on a series of patent technology of high-performance modular power components and complete power system, the main products are sold to Vicor power supply system in the market, including the enterprise and the high performance computing, industrial equipment and automation, telecommunications and network infrastructure, automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense.

About Koycera

Founded in 1959 as the parent company and global headquarters of Kyocera group, Kyocera corporation (ticker symbol: 6971 on the Tokyo stock exchange) is a manufacturer of precision ceramics (also known as "advanced ceramics").Combining these engineering materials with metals and integrating them with other technologies, Kyocera is now a leading supplier of semiconductor packaging, industrial and automotive components, electronics, solar power systems, printers, copiers and mobile phones.Net sales totaled 1.58 trillion yen ($14.9 billion) in the year ended March 31, 2018.Kyocera is listed in Clarivate Analytics' "Derwent global innovation 100" and is ranked 612th among the world's largest listed companies in Forbes' "global 2000 2018".

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