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VG95234 Qualified Circular Connector for Railway and Industrial Equipment "JK06 Series" Has Been Developed

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:29:54

VG95234 Qualified Circular Connector for Railway and Industrial Equipment "JK06 Series" Has Been Developed

VG95234 Qualified circular waterproof connector
 The JK06 Series is a waterproof circular connector developed for railway vehicles and related electronic equipments worldwide.
 The JK06 Series is designed in accordance with the VG95234 specifications and also compliant with the NFF61-030 and the EN50467.
 The JK06 Series can be used for other various industrial electric equipments .

Mechanical designs are VG95234(Note) specifications compliant.
  Note: VG95234 is the German circular connector specifications.
  VG95234 connectors are popular for railway vehicles in Europe.
  - Mating type is bayonet lock method.
  - Contact insert arrangement is compatible with MIL-DTL-5015.
  - Inter-mateable with other products that are compliant to the same standard.
Protection rating IP67 equivalent when mated (water resistant to 1m, 24H)
Function and performance is compliant with the below standards.
 NFF61-030 (1992) French standard: Rolling stock - Electrical connectors - General
 NFF16-101 (1988) French standard: Railway rolling stock - Burning behavior - Choice of materials. 
 NFF16-102 (1992) French standard: Railway rolling stock - Burning behavior - Choice of materials. 
 BS6853 (1999) British standard: Code of practice for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger carrying trains
 EN50467 (2011) European standard: Railway applications Rolling stock Electrical connectors, requirements and test methods
  Note: The year shown in the brackets are the issue year (version).
Compatible with conduit specification.
 Plug is compatible with conduit harness assembly by attaching the PMA manufactured conduit adapter.
Materials selected with ecological considerations.
 - Compliant with RoHS directive.
 - Halogen-free resin parts.

General Specifications

Dielectric withstanding voltage A.C.2550 Vr.m.s.
Maximum rated current Whole connector: 96.2 A
Individual contact: 13 A
Insulation resistance 5000 megohms min.
Contact resistance 2.5 milliohms max.
High-temperature high-humidity test Temperature: 40 Deg. C
Relative humidity: 95 %
Applied period of time: 21 days
Sine wave vibration Frequency: 10 to 100 Hz
Acceleration: 19.6 m/s2
Period of time: 15 minutes/ cycle (10 -> 100 -> 10 Hz) 2 hours for each axis, 4 hours in total
Vibration durability Random vibration, applied to each axis for 5h x 3 axis
Acceleration of vertical vibration: 7.9m/s2
Horizontal vibration: 3.5m/s2
Longitudinal vibration: 5.5m/s2
Waterproof (When mated) IP67 min.
Heat shock (Heat Cycle) Temperature range: -40 Deg. C to +100 Deg. C, 5 Cycle
Repeated mating (Durability) Mating cycle: 500 times
Corrosion (Salt spray) Saltwater concentration: 5%
Test tank temperature: 35 Deg. C
Exposure time: 500h
Shock resistance Impact strength: 294 m/s2
Semi-sine wave 18 msec
High temperature resistance Temperature: 125 Deg. C
Exposure time: 96 h
Ozone Resistance Concentration: 200 ± 20 pphm
Exposure Time: 24 h
(i) Please contact us if you are considering use involving a quality assurance program that you specify or that is peculiar to the industry, such as:Automotive electrical components, train control, telecommunications devices (mainline), traffic light control, electric power, combustion control, fire prevention or security systems, disaster evention equipment, etc. 
(ii) We may separately give you our support with a quality assurance program that
you specify, when you think of a use such as :Aviation or space equipment, submarine repeaters, nuclear power control systems, medical equipment for life support, etc.

(2) Recommended applications include:
Computers, office appliances, telecommunications devices (terminals, mobile units), measuring equipment, audiovisual equipment, home electric appliances, factory automation equipment, etc

4. Product sales statuses subject to change without advanced notification.


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