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UPSs feature transformerless, hybrid design

Update Time: 2019-12-19 00:00:01

UPSs feature transformerless, hybrid design

The HP UPS R5000 is a 3U-sized unit that delivers 4,500 W, and the HP UPS R7000 is a 4U unit that delivers 7,200 W. The slim-lined uninterruptible power systems provide a transformer-less design and a processing system that incorporates a three stage power filter with a double-conversion, line-interactive system to provide all the benefits of an on-line UPS without the side effects of low efficiency, extra heat, and short battery life.

The rack-mountable UPSs provide a network module and power protector software that incorporate battery management technology. They feature hot-swappable batteries and an intelligent automatic bypass. They offer separate load segments that allow for customizable configuration of each segment’s power backup requirements. For more information, go to (From $3,099 available now.)

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