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Power Integrations Ultra-thin surface mount package power IC

Update Time: 2020-11-26 16:35:13

Power Integrations ultra-thin surface-mount package is very suitable for compact and open designs with a maximum power of less than 65 W and no heat sink, such as the power supply for ultra-thin LCD TV auxiliary power supplies, set-top boxes, PC standby and DVD players. In the power supply design of notebooks, netbooks and printer adapters, the eSOP package with high heat dissipation efficiency can provide up to 40 W of output power when heat is dissipated through the PCB.

The new eSOP package has an exposed heat sink in contact with the wafer, which can be mounted on the PCB by reflow soldering during the assembly process. This allows the ground area and thermal mass of the copper on the circuit board to act as a heat sink. Although the 12-pin package occupies a board area of only 119 mm2, it can still provide the safe creepage distance and electrical clearance required by international standards, and can be used in offline applications.


TOPSwitch-JX IC integrates a power flyback controller and a 725 V power MOSFET in a single package, and uses an innovative multi-mode control algorithm to improve power efficiency across the entire load range. Since the working efficiency is higher at full power, the power consumption during normal operation can be reduced, and the complexity and expense of system heat dissipation management can be reduced. At low input power levels, high efficiency can also minimize the no-load power consumption of the adapter and increase the power supply to the system in standby mode. This is particularly suitable for product applications subject to energy efficiency standards and regulations.

Due to the new multi-cycle modulation mode, the power supply has excellent light-load efficiency and low power consumption under no-load conditions, which can reduce the average switching frequency and output ripple and audio noise. Therefore, the designed power supply can not only easily meet the strict latest energy efficiency specifications including ENERGY STARĀ® and the European Commission's Energy Product Eco-Design Directive, but also maintain a stable output voltage. Using TOPSwitch-JX can easily achieve a standby power consumption of 85 mW at 264 VAC (for a 20 mW load).

The ultra-thin packaged TOPSwitch-JX device allows designers to take full advantage of the unique ultra-high power and excellent no-load performance of our power ICs when designing highly restricted products. In addition, this surface-mount package provides excellent heat dissipation performance, which will allow designers to completely get rid of bulky, large and expensive heat sinks in many designs.


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