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Transmit module increases talk time

Published time: 2009-08-29

Transmit module increases talk time

Suited for cellular handsets, the AM7802 CMOS-based transmit module offers up to 40% more battery life or talk time than today’s modules. This dual-band GSM/GPRS integrates the power amplifier, controller, transmit/receive switch, filtering, and all matching components into a 30-mm2 package.

Based on the company’s CMOS Adaptive RF architecture, the part offers a peak PAE of 48%. The AM7802 is capable of 1.5-kV ESD on all pins, including RF pins, and can withstand 8-kV ESD on the antenna port. It can also operate down to 2.7 V. Also available are the 4 x 5-mm quad-band AM8802 and dual-band AM8802D power amplifier modules, which feature a peak PAE of 58% and 59%, respectively, and an ESD (HBM) protection of 2 kV. (Call company for pricing and availability.)


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