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Toshiba has added power to its IC series of brush-dc motor drives -- TB67H450FNG

Published time: 2019-12-20 12:30:00

The new motor drive IC is packaged with compatible pin allocation HSOP8

Shanghai, China, May 30, 2019 -- Toshiba electronics components and storage equipment corporation (" Toshiba ") today announced the launch of the latest member of its brushless dc motor driver IC series, "TB67H450FNG".The new product has A maximum rating of 50V/ 3.5a [1] and can drive A motor at A wide operating voltage.In addition, the product is packaged with a small HSOP8 surface mount that is compatible with pin assignment, making it more adaptable.Mass production starts today.

 TB67H450FNG product schematic

                              TB67H450FNG product schematic

The new IC can drive brushless motors at a supply voltage of 4.5v to 44V.It supports a variety of applications, including usb-powered, battery-powered, and industrial 12 to 36V powered devices.The TB67H450FNG also has 3.5a current drive, which can be used to drive motors for vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and other appliances, as well as office equipment, atms and other applications.

To meet the low power requirements, Toshiba has also optimized TB67H450FNG's standby current consumption through a newly developed power circuit, automatically entering standby mode when the motor stops running, and turning off the VCC regulator for internal circuit operation.This helps OA equipment and household appliances reduce energy consumption and extend the battery life of battery-powered equipment.

The IC adopts small surface-mounted HSOP8 package, which can save space and achieve good heat dissipation performance through the design of heat dissipation pads.

main features:

Wide operating voltage range: 4.5v to 44V, suitable for high-current drive equipment;

Low standby current consumption: 1 mua (maximum)@VM=24V, Ta=25°C;

Small 8 pin surface mount HSOP8 package with compatible pin allocation, and use bottom e-type heat sink to enhance heat dissipation.


Industrial equipment, including OA equipment and banking terminals;Household appliances (including vacuum cleaning robot);Battery-powered equipment (electronic locks and small household robots);Devices that use 5V USB power.

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