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Toshiba Electronics unveiled PCIM Asia 2018 to provide customers with comprehensive system-level solutions

Update Time: 2020-08-19 09:32:57

Toshiba Electronics unveiled PCIM Asia 2018 to provide customers with comprehensive system-level solutions

Keywords: renewable energy, intelligent module IPD

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Toshiba Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. ("Toshiba") announced that it will participate in the PCIM Asia 2018 exhibition held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Exhibition Hall from June 26th to 28th, 1818. Toshiba will showcase its cutting-edge technologies, products and system-level solutions for electric energy to the audience at Hall E01.

A few days ago, the International Energy Agency and the United Nations jointly released the "Tracking Sustainable Development Goal 7: Energy Progress Report," mentioning that China has made the largest contribution to global energy consumption reduction, with a contribution rate of more than 35%, as a renewable, non- Contaminated clean energy, China's wind energy and solar energy resources are very rich. Thanks to the key policies and new energy technologies adopted by the Chinese government, China will continue to be a leader in renewable energy consumption. The global share of renewable energy will be 15% in 2015 increased to 20% in 2030.

With the continuous improvement of the economic efficiency of renewable energy and the philosophy of “Core Technology, Smart Society, and Creating the Future”, Toshiba will be present in this field of wind power generation, traction, power transmission and distribution, and industrial inverters. Provide system solution support.

The products and programs that will be exhibited at this Toshiba booth include:

Toshiba high power device IEGT (Injection Enhanced Gate Transistor) and system solutions. Toshiba and its partners have developed a two-level, eleven-series power module based on PPI (Pressure Bonded IEGT), which is suitable for flexible HVDC converter valves and DC circuit breakers. The single-tube current maximum achieves 4.5kV/3kA, and Provides the necessary driver board and heat sink required in the system application to provide one-stop service to customers; and the IEGT device in PMI (Module Package) describes the 3.3kV applicable to high-speed electric multiple units and is suitable for heavy-duty motor locomotives. 4.5kV product. In addition to demonstrating the internal structural models of PPI and PMI devices, the site also has PPI two-level, three-level, and eleven-series power components to give the audience a more intuitive understanding of the practical applications of high-power devices.

Discrete component packaging product lines such as power MOSFETs, small-signal and logic devices, optocouplers, and optical relays;Toshiba intelligent power module IPD, Toshiba provides high-integration intelligent module IPD for brushless DC solution applications, providing a complete brushless DC (MCU + IPD) control program to achieve high efficiency and reliability of the inverter compressor application;

Water cooling system solutions;

1.6kW server efficient power system solutions.

At this exhibition, a series of products exhibited by Toshiba can be widely used in high-power and green energy fields. Toshiba hopes to provide more reliable, safe and efficient technical products and solutions for social infrastructure to help more customers. Accelerate technological transformation and better serve the sustainable development of society.

Toshiba PCIM Information:

Time: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm, June 26 - 27, 2018

      June 28, 2018, 9AM - 3PM

Venue: China Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall

Address: No. 1099, Guozhan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Toshiba Location: Hall 2 E01

About Toshiba Electronics (China) Co., Ltd.Toshiba (TOSHIBA) is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in Japan and is also the second-largest integrated motor manufacturer under the umbrella of Mitsui Group. 

Toshiba was formerly known as Tokyo Shiba Electric Co., Ltd., which was formed in 1939 by the merger of Shibaura Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd.Since its creation in 1875, it has gone through a long course of 140 years.

In terms of civilian use, Toshiba has changed from a company that focuses on household appliances and heavy-duty motors to a comprehensive electronics and electronics company that includes communications and electronics. Into the 1990s, Toshiba has made rapid development in digital technology, mobile communication technology and network technology. Toshiba has successfully transformed itself from a giant in the home appliance industry to a pioneer in the IT industry. On the military side: Toshiba is still responsible for producing various kinds of tanks, machine guns, and missile cannons for Japan since World War II.

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