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TOSHIBA 14TB hard drive raises storage industry standards once again

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:46:29

TOSHIBA 14TB hard drive raises storage industry standards once again

Recently, TOSHIBA to meet the needs of different large-capacity storage market, in the face of China's public cloud market, the steady growth of SaaS, IaaS sustained rapid growth of the situation, the introduction of a new 9-plate filling seal design MG07ACA series products.

MG07ACA series products can provide cloud-level and enterprise storage solution providers with the required energy-saving features and storage density to help them achieve TCO goals. The MG071 helium CMR14TB hard disk is TOSHIBA's flagship star product.

The vice president of Toshiba Electronics (China) Co., Ltd., said in an interview with “Although the overall market of HDD has declined slightly, the enterprise market continues to grow continuously. Toshiba Storage China will be closely associated with Chinese system integrators. Collaborate to open up the public cloud market and focus on the growing monitoring market."

Thanks to its innovative design, Toshiba Storage continues to provide more high-capacity disk storage for customers around the world, and the release of the MG07ACA series has once again raised the standards of the storage industry. 14TB 9 discs and 12TB 8 discs are two optional models of the MG07ACA series. Compared with the MG06ACA series, the sealed, 3.5-inch mechanical design achieves higher storage density and lower operating power consumption of the hard disk. This provides a better TCO in a cloud-level infrastructure.

The MG07ACA series has excellent read and write performance, and has a SATA 6 Gbit/s interface and 7,200 rpm. In terms of capacity, MG07ACA 14 TB is 40% larger than MG06ACA 10 TB, power is also increased by more than 50% (W/GB), and the Toshiba Group's laser welding technology is used to seal the housing, ensuring that the helium gas is within the hard disk housing. Firmly sealed.

Ping An City, Xueliang Engineering, Skynet Engineering, Intelligent Transportation and Public Security Informationization, etc., Quanxing's market demand has promoted the vigorous development of China's surveillance market. Gao Xi Yashu said: "With the increase in the size of the monitoring system, the market demand for large-capacity monitoring hard drive is also growing, but Toshiba's latest monitoring hard drive is precisely to meet the storage needs of a new generation of monitoring systems."

It is reported that Toshiba's latest surveillance hard drive has a large capacity of 10TB, which can achieve 24*7 full-time operation for 365 days a year, and supports up to 64 cameras and 180TB of annual workload.



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