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Torex Semiconductor to Open Kansai Technology Center

Published time: 2019-12-20 14:18:31

Torex Semiconductor to Open Kansai Technology Center

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. (Tokyo Japan: President, Koji Shibamiya, 6616: 2nd section at Tokyo Stock Exchange) will open the Kansai Technology Center in April 2016. Consisting of both engineering departments (process development, product development, and test development) and a quality assurance department, the mission of this center will be to strengthen Torex's in-vehicle business and develop responses to customer needs.

The aim of the Kansai Technology Center is to strengthen in-vehicle product development, marketing activities, and product guarantee support, build a comprehensive system to support in-vehicle business, and achieve quality assurance that is both high quality and fast. This system will generate future expansion of Torex's in-vehicle business.

The center will emphasize product development for in-vehicle business, in particular the development of high-performance analog power ICs that will widen Torex's lineup to include not only infotainment but also in-vehicle cameras and body applications

To strengthen the link between engineering and quality assurance, the engineering and quality assurance departments that have been located until now in Sapporo and Okayama will be moved to the new Kansai Technology Center, and quick product analysis and a strong inspection system can be expected. Joint action from related departments will be realized, and the development speed of the entire Torex Group and the effectiveness of quality assurance will be enhanced.

In the future, Torex will continue to develop even higher quality analog power IC products and strengthen its in-vehicle business.


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