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TL081 Op Amp Pinout, Datasheet, Equivalent, and Application

Update Time: 2024-05-23 13:59:47


Operational amplifiers, commonly known as op-amps, are essential building blocks in analog electronic circuits. They are versatile devices used to amplify voltage signals and perform various mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, integration, and differentiation. Op amps are characterized by their high input impedance, low output impedance, and high gain, making them ideal for signal conditioning, filtering, and many other applications.

The TL081 op amp is a widely used device known for its high input impedance, low input bias current, and high slew rate. With its superior characteristics, The TL081 is particularly valued in applications requiring high-speed and low-noise performance, such as audio processing, data acquisition systems, and precision measurement equipment. In this article, we'll delve into the TL081 op-amp, exploring its pinout, circuit, features, applications, datasheet, etc., and the difference between other op-amps.

What is TL081?

TL081 Op Amp.jpg

The TL081 is a low-cost, high-speed JFET input single operational amplifier featuring an internally trimmed input offset voltage, thanks to BI-FET II technology. It integrates well-matched high-voltage JFETs and bipolar transistors in a monolithic circuit. This design provides:

  • A high slew rate.

  • Low input bias current.

  • Low offset current.

  • A low offset voltage temperature coefficient.

Despite its low supply current requirement, the TL081 maintains a large gain-bandwidth product and a fast slew rate.

TL081 Pinout


Pin Configuration

Pin No.

Pin Name



Offset NULL

Used to set offset voltage if required


Inverting Input (IN-)

The Inverting pin of the Op-Amp


Non- Inverting Input (IN+)

The Non-Inverting Pin of the Op-Amp



Connected to negative rail or ground



Output pin of the Op-Amp



Connected to a positive rail of supply voltage 



Not Connected

Features and Specifications

TL081 Features:

  • Low Power Consumption: Typically 1.4 mA per channel

  • Wide Common Mode and Differential Voltage Range

  • Low Input Bias Current: Typically 30 pm

  • Low Input Offset Current: Typically 5 pm

  • Output Short Circuit Protection

  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion: Typically 0.003%

  • High Input Impedance: JFET input stage

  • Latch-Free Operation

  • High Slew Rate: Typically 13 V/μs

  • Common Mode Input Voltage Range Including V CC+

TL081 Specifications:

Absolute Maximum Ratings

TL081 Absolute Maximum Ratings.png

TL081 Schematic Diagram

TL081 Schematic Diagram.png

TL081 Circuit

TL081 Circuit.png

Tl081 CAD Model

TL081 CAD Model.png

Where to use TL081?

The TL081 JFET-input operational amplifier provides a broader range of options compared to earlier operational amplifiers. This single-package Op-Amp has been a staple for a considerable time and is versatile for various general-purpose applications such as voltage followers, buffers, comparators, amplifiers, and adders. If you need a reliable Op-Amp for basic circuit designs, the TL081 is an excellent choice.

How to use TL081?

Below is an inverting amplifier application circuit from the TL081 datasheet. You only need two resistors to configure the TL081 as an inverting amplifier.


An inverting amplifier takes a positive or negative voltage on the inverting input pin and outputs a voltage of the same magnitude but opposite polarity. The output at the VOUT pin is fed back to the input through the feedback resistor (Rf).

The input and output voltages can be calculated as follows:

Vin = I * R1

Vout = -I * Rf

TL081 Applications

  • Solar energy: string and central inverters

  • Motor drives: AC and servo drive control and power stage modules

  • Single-phase online UPS

  • Three-phase UPS

  • Pro audio mixers

  • Battery test equipment

TL081 Typical Applications

High Q notch filter

TL081 High Q notch filter.png

0.5 Hz square wave oscillator

TL081 0.5 Hz square wave oscillator.png

TL081 Equivalent

  • UA741: A widely used integrated circuit (IC) known for its versatility and reliability. It is a general-purpose op-amp with a single channel, offering high performance in various applications. The UA741 is designed to operate from a single power supply, making it suitable for use in battery-powered devices and other low-power applications.

  • CA3140: A high-performance op-amp that offers low input current, high gain bandwidth product, and fast response times, making it ideal for precision amplification applications.

Alternatives for Audio Amplifiers: LM4871, AD620, IC6283, JRC45558LF351NMC33171N

TL081 Package

TL081 Package.png

TL081 Datasheet

Download TL081 Datasheet PDF.

TL081 vs. TL071

Noise PerformanceHigherSlightly Lower
Power ConsumptionSlightly HigherSlightly Lower
ApplicationGeneral PurposeLow-Noise
Electrical SpecsSimilarSimilar

TL081 vs. TL082

Number of Op Amps12
Space EfficiencyLessMore
ApplicationSingle Op AmpDual Op Amps

TL081 vs. LM741

Slew RateHighModerate
Input Bias CurrentLowModerate
ApplicationHigh-performanceGeneral purpose
SuitabilityHigh-frequencyLess demanding

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The TL081 op amp is a versatile and high-performance component widely used in analog electronics. Key features include its high input impedance, low input bias current, high slew rate, and low noise, making it suitable for a variety of applications. It is a preferred choice for precision analog circuits and offers significant advantages over many older op amps like the LM741. The TL081 remains highly relevant in modern electronics due to its robust performance and reliability. Its characteristics make it ideal for applications in audio processing, instrumentation, signal conditioning, and active filtering. The TL081 continues to be a go-to op-amp for engineers and designers who need a dependable and efficient solution for their analog circuit designs.

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  • What's the function of TL081?
  • The TL081L is a single operational amplifier used for pre-amplification in a combined power amplifier.

  • What is the maximum voltage of TL081?
  • 36 V.

  • What is the slew rate of TL081?
  • 13 V/us.

  • Is a higher slew rate better?
  • Yes, a higher slew rate indicates better performance.

  • Can TL081 replace 741?
  • Yes, the pin diagrams are the same. However, the former uses a field-effect transistor input, resulting in superior performance. The 741, on the other hand, is a general-purpose operational amplifier with long-term reliability. It can be substituted with OP07 and similar alternatives.

  • What are common issues encountered with the TL081, and how can they be resolved?
  • Common issues with the TL081 include noise susceptibility, power supply sensitivity, and potential instability. These can be resolved by ensuring proper power supply decoupling, using low-noise circuit design techniques, and implementing compensation networks to enhance stability. Regular testing and measurement can help identify and mitigate these issues early in the design process.

  • What is an inverting op-amp?
  • An inverting operational amplifier (op-amp) is a circuit where the output voltage changes in the opposite direction to the input voltage.

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