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TI introduces industry's first industrial drive control system-on-chip (SoC) to support digital and analog position sensors

Update Time: 2019-12-20 15:12:07

TI introduces industry's first industrial drive control system-on-chip (SoC) to support digital and analog position sensors


PMP10652 is a System optimized (CISPR 25 Class 3) 30W design for Surround View ADAS system.

The design has various protections such as Load dump through TVS (ISO pulse testing), Reverse Voltage (Innovative Smart diode with very low Iq), Battery Disconnect Switch with OVP protection (PFET) and is EMI optimized to meet Conductive EMI limits of CISPR25 Class3 (overall) and Class5 upto 30MHz Range.

Input voltage range is between 4.5V to 30V with OVP at 20V and hence will operate in most Cold Cranking conditions.

LM74610 is used for Battery reverse protection which utilizes a charge pump to drive an N-channel FET to provide a resistive path for the bypass current to flow. LM53603Q1 is used as front end DC/DC Buck converter which is 2.2MHz switching, Synchronous rectified Wide Vin Buck Converter which can take transient upto 42V. TPS57114Q1 is used to provide power to the cores and it is a high current 2,2MHz switching buck converter. LM26420 is a dual 2.2MHz switching buck converter which is used for generating other required supplies.

LM3880 sequencer is used for all the power up and power down sequencing requirements.


  • Designed for most Cold Crank and Start Stop conditions
  • In compliance with the ISO pulse test / CISPR 25 Class 3 conducted emissions standard, passing both AM & FM radio band tests
  • All devices Switching frequency at 2.1MHz (AM Band Avoidance)
  • Reverse Protection through Smart diode
  • Series Fault protection FET with OVP
  • Power up and Power Down sequencing through integrated sequencer

DesignDRIVE is a single hardware and software platform that makes it easy for engineers to develop and evaluate solutions for a variety of industrial drive and servo topologies. Position Manager, a new technology within DesignDRIVE, allows developers to interface easily with digital and analog position sensors. The TMS320F28379D and TMS320F28379S MCUs are the first MCUs within the C2000 portfolio to support the Position Manager technology on-chip. As a key part of DesignDRIVE solutions, Position Manager allows industrial drives system designers to eliminate the engineering effort needed to develop, support and maintain the FGPAs or ASICs required to connect to these sensors today.

Solving position sensor interface compatibility challenges
TI's Position Manager technology is compatible with both digital and analog position sensors, which allows a single C2000 Delfino MCU the flexibility to support multiple sensor types. This includes EnDat 2.2, BiSS-C, Resolver, SIN/COS and incremental encoders including Clockwise/Counterclockwise protocols (CW/CCW). Texas Instruments is the only semiconductor vendor that supports both digital and analog position sensors for industrial applications. TI worked with HEIDENHAIN, a leading developer of position sensors, to test this on-chip solution to ensure compatibility. "We approve of Texas Instruments' successful implementation and testing of Position Manager to our EnDat specifications," saidHerbert Reiter, HEIDENHAIN's Senior Product Manager "and we look forward to working with TI as they enable new EnDat capabilities for our customers."

Get started quickly with integrated support:

  • The C2000 DesignDRIVE development kit offers an easy path to begin exploring a wide variety of motor drive topologies, as well as easy expansion to develop with real-time Ethernet communications and functional safety topologies, enabling more comprehensive, integrated system solutions.
  • DesignDRIVE is supported by TI's C2000 controlSUITE™ package and includes specific examples of vector control of motors, incorporating current, speed and position loops, to help developers jumpstart their evaluation and development.
  • In addition, users can download TI's Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE), providing code generation and debugging capabilities.
  • For Model-Based Design, TI's C2000 F28379D and F28379S MCUs are compatible with F28377D and F28377S, which are now supported by Mathworks' MATLAB®, Simulink® and Embedded Coder®.
  • Users can download reference interface and power supply designs for motor drives to either use immediately or modify to their specific needs.

In addition to using C2000 MCUs and DesignDRIVE technology, developers can integrate TI's new ISO5852S family of reinforced isolated gate drivers when developing industrial drive power stages. This family delivers the industry's highest working voltages of up to 1.5 kVrms, the industry's highest common mode transient immunity (CMTI) of 100 kV/μs minimum, and precision timing to efficiently drive high-voltage and fast switching insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and silicon carbide (SiC) power switches. Pricing for the new family starts at US$2.15in 1,000-unit quantities (1ku).

Innovation is at the core of TI MCUs
Beginning with the foundation of leading process technology and adding unique system architecture, intellectual property and real-world system expertise, TI continues its 20+ years of MCU innovation with low-power and performance MCUs. With unique products for ultra-low power, low-power performance and security communications, to real-time control, control and automation, and safety, designers can accelerate time to market with TI's ecosystem of tools, software, wireless connectivity solutions, extensive Design Network offerings and technical support.


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