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TI assisted zebra-zhixing to realize the evolution of digital cockpit function within one year

Published time: 2019-12-20 11:27:58

Technology is the battleground for innovation in the automotive industry."For most oems, today's differentiated technology features come from automotive electronics systems: everything from driver assistance to safety to Internet connectivity," says Cyril Clocher, marketing manager for on-board info-entertainment platforms in TI's automotive processor division."The more electronics that oems offer, the more ways they can build specialty devices."

Electronic innovations have also paved the way for oems to reduce complexity and material costs.The number of electronic control units (ecus) in a typical car doubled between 2005 and 2015.In the past four years alone, the cost of semiconductor materials for a typical car has risen by 8%.Focusing on fewer, more powerful processors allows automakers and oems to reduce costs, maximize investment, and increase the flexibility of their product lines by adding features and applications to their systems across their product lines.

Zebras sees the digital cockpit as a new opportunity to enhance the on-board experience.Based on the first "Internet car" system in 2016, the latest zebra-zhixing system for "intelligent new species intelligent new species" USES the Jacinto 6+ processor to power the innovative dual-screen digital cockpit design, which has been applied to domestic roewe Marvel X cars.

" as one of the world's largest Internet vehicle platforms, zebras zhixing builds its ecosystem by developing cross-industry relationships.Hao fei, CEO of zebra-think Network."Intelligent driving is our mission and goal, and working with influential technology companies will help us achieve that goal."

In order to maximize reuse and improve research and development efficiency, zebras zhixing decided to enhance the performance of the existing AliOS "Internet Car" system with the software and hardware scalability of TI Jacinto 6+ vehicle processor, and redefine the driving experience through integrated augmented reality (AR) driving assistance.

Jacinto 6 series processor can support multiple operating systems, and maintain the complete software compatibility between series of many processors, combined with the ability of visual algorithm processing, so as to assist the zebra chi heng engineering teams can quickly transform concept for the prototype, and then to finished products, complete the three stages of super fast speed is rare in the auto industry."It usually takes three years," says Cyril."TI worked with zebra-chi to transform the concept into an on-board system in just 12 months."

The roewe Marvel X intelligent digital cockpit system, on the basis of the existing roewe "intelligent network vehicle" function, USES the 19-inch central display screen and the 12.3-inch full digital instrument screen, the high-precision map combined with the novel AR driving function, redefines the driving, and makes people amazed.All of these features are integrated into the overall AliOS experience, with only a single Jacinto 6+ processor behind the scenes.

The combination of the existing platform and the scalability of the Jacinto vehicle processor lays the foundation for Marvel X to develop enhanced intelligent digital cockpit solutions.A single Jacinto 6+ processor can provide all the processing functions required by zebras' digital cockpit.The processor also provides extended image, signal, and visual processing capabilities to support the integration of AR drivers on top of the surround view.The Jacinto 6+ processor provides the functionality needed to manage real-time image processing, various driver assist modules, and readability of information that can be designed and upgraded in the system.

With its powerful processing power and graphics capabilities, the Jacinto 6+ processor is the choice for zebras' complex alios-based dual-screen cockpit design.This is just one example of how choosing the right processor can affect automotive innovation.



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