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Thyristor dimming LYTSwitch-7 LED driver IC can reduce the number of BOM components by 40%

Update Time: 2020-11-13 15:52:51

Power Integrations, an industry leader in high efficiency and reliability LED driver IC, today launched its LYTSwitchâ„¢-7 IC series for single-stage non-isolated, step-down, dimmable LED driver applications. The ultra-thin SO-8 package provides 22 W output power without the need for heat sinks and is highly efficient for bulbs, tubes and other lighting applications. In the design of LYtswitch-7, a simple passive attenuating circuit is needed to meet the requirements of the THYristor dimmer without the need of discharge circuit. In addition, the inductance in the design can be a ready - made standard inductance with only a single winding. The design of LYtswitch-7 can reduce the number of elements to only 20. The design of a typical dimmable LED driver typically requires about 35 components.


LYTSwitch-7 IC can provide a phase-cut (SCR) dimming solution with wide dimming range and unidirectional dimming response characteristics. The LED driver can achieve an efficiency of more than 86%, which is about 2% higher than traditional dimming products, and also has high power factor, precise adjustment rate and comprehensive protection functions. They are not only suitable for low input voltage or high input voltage design, but also suitable for wide range input design in American commercial lighting applications. The operating voltage range of these designs is between 90 VAC to 305 VAC, and the thyristor dimming function is required in low-voltage applications.

Hubertus Notohamiprodjo, Director of Product Marketing, Power Integrations, said: "Our latest LYTSwitch-7 LED driver IC can provide a rugged, high-reliability design solution while minimizing the number of BOM components, about 40% less than traditional circuits. Built-in 725 V MOSFET can provide better withstand voltage performance during input surge. At the same time, the design of no bleeder circuit can ensure that in the case of compatible with many thyristor dimmers, too much heat will not be generated inside the driver, so the design The drive produced is more efficient and reliable."

Like all Power Integrations LED drivers, LYTSwitch-7 IC provides a series of protection functions, including thermal foldback protection that can make the driver shut down immediately. In abnormal high temperature environment, this function can automatically reduce the output current and dim the LED light, which can protect the IC, driver and the entire lamp. Developers have found that the thermal foldback feature can help reduce electrical and mechanical costs to meet reliability goals. Because the IC can automatically control the abnormal sharp increase in temperature without extinguishing the bulb. The device also provides protection for open circuit, short circuit, input and output overvoltage, overcurrent, and safe operating area (SOA). LYTSwitch-7 IC complies with many international standards: DOE Level 6 (external power supply), CEC Titles 20 and 24, ENERGY STAR® version 2.0 lamp energy efficiency specification, NEMA SSL-7A and EN61000-3-2 (C&D).

Key applications include low cost A19 bulbs, small size bulbs (such as candle and GU10 bulbs), commercial and industrial applications, skylights and downlights. Lytswitch-7 IC samples are now available for order.

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