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Ten bourns potentiometer recommended

Update Time: 2019-12-20 12:24:27

BOURNS potentiometer definition

BOURNS potentiometer is a glass glaze precision adjustable imported potentiometer.BOURNS potentiometer from the United States, BOURNS potentiometer also called burns potentiometer or bunce potentiometer.BOURNS potentiometer is divided into preset, side adjustment, front and back adjustment and other adjustment forms, BOURNS potentiometer is mainly used in precision instruments, industrial control, LCD panel, communication equipment, automotive electronics, switching power supply and other fields.

BOURNS potentiometer classification

1, BOURNS single potentiometer: it is to complete the smallest to largest resistance change potentiometer with the rotation stroke of a circle.

2, BOURNS multi-turn potentiometer: to complete the minimum to maximum resistance change potentiometer with multi-turn, that is, more than one turn travel travel.

Common BOURNS potentiometer

Glass glaze imported precision adjustable potentiometer, usable screwdriver has been rotating, the color of the BOURNS potentiometer, generally is blue, there are three feet, commonly used models have 3296 series, 3362 series potentiometer potentiometer, 3386 series, 3006 series potentiometer potentiometer, 3266 series, 3323 series potentiometer potentiometer, 3329 series, 3590 series potentiometer potentiometer, 3314 series, 3313 series potentiometer potentiometer series, 3324 series potentiometer potentiometer.


Ten bourns potentiometer recommended

Step bourns potentiometer:

By the shaft resistance body, step motor, moving contact, etc.Moving contact can be manually adjusted through the shaft, but also by the stepper motor drive

Two, patch type bourns potentiometer:

Also known as sheet bourns potentiometer, is a kind of no manual rotation axis of ultra-small straight bourns potentiometer, conditioning need to use screw screw, etc..

Type: 1. Single coil bourns potentiometer; 2.2. Multi-turn bourns potentiometer -- fine bourns potentiometer, with vertical and horizontal structure.

Three, straight - slide bourns potentiometer:

Its resistance body is rectangular strip, which changes the resistance value through the linear motion of the slider connected with the slider.

Use: usually used for volume control or balance control in TV and stereo.

V.Single bourns potentiometer and double bourns potentiometer:

Double bourns potentiometer: usually two standard bourns potentiometer installed on the same shaft, conditioning shaft, two bourns potentiometer sliding contact synchronous rolling.There are also some double bourns potentiometers for asynchronous heteraxy.

Single bourns potentiometer: a group of bourns potentiometer is controlled by an independent rotating shaft;

Solid bourns potentiometer:

Is made of carbon black, graphite, quartz powder, organic adhesives, and other materials mixed heating, pressure on the plastic matrix, and then by heating polymerization.

Type: can be divided into small solid bourns potentiometer, linear solid bourns potentiometer, logarithmic solid bourns potentiometer.

Advantages: high resolution, good wear resistance, wide resistance, high reliability, small size;

Disadvantages: loud noise, poor heat resistance.

Vi. Bourns potentiometer with switch:

Bourns potentiometer is attached with switch device.Switch and bourns potentiometer coaxial, the movement of the switch and control methods are divided into two types: rotary and push-pull.

Use: used for volume control and power switch in black and white TV.Small rotary band switch bourns potentiometer is mainly used in semiconductor radio or other small electronic products for volume control (or current, voltage conditioning) and power switch.

Type: switch bits are single-pole single-throw, single-pole double-throw and double-pole single-throw.

Seven, metal film bourns potentiometer:

The resistive body is made of metal alloy film, metal oxide film, metal composite film and tantalum oxide film deposited on ceramic substrate by vacuum technology.

VIII. Multi-turn bourns potentiometer and single-turn bourns potentiometer:

Advantages: high resolution, sliding noise than the composition of carbon film bourns potentiometer small;

Disadvantages: small resistance, poor wear resistance.

Multi-turn bourns potentiometer: its rotation axis every turn, the sliding arm contact in the resistance body changes only a very small distance, its sliding arm from one pole to another pole azimuth, the rotation axis needs to roll more than a circle.Usually used in fine conditioning circuits.

Single turn bourns potentiometer: its sliding arm can only rotate in less than 3600 scale, usually used for volume control.

Nine, wire wound bourns potentiometer:

The resistance body is made by winding a resistance wire on a metal or non-metal plate coated with insulating material.

Kinds: general wire wound bourns potentiometer, general multi-coil wire wound bourns potentiometer, fine multi-coil wire wound bourns potentiometer, straight slip fine multi-coil wire wound bourns potentiometer, functional fine multi-coil wire wound bourns potentiometer, etc.

Advantages: high power, low noise, high accuracy, good stability;

Disadvantages: poor high-frequency characteristics.

X. synthetic carbon film bourns potentiometer:

Bourns carbon film potentiometer is the most widely used potentiometer.The resistive body is made of a mixture of carbon black, graphite, quartz powder, organic adhesives, etc., coated on a bakelite board or fiberglass board.

Types: there are generally composed of carbon film bourns potentiometer, double coaxial switch (with switch) of bourns potentiometer, push pull off carbon film bourns of carbon film potentiometer, straight sliding type bourns potentiometer, double off-axis no switch (with switch) of bourns potentiometer, small fine carbon film bourns of potentiometer, switch, small carbon film bourns potentiometer, single to be switch (no switch) bourns of potentiometer, fine circle more carbon film bourns potentiometer, etc.

Advantages: high resolution, wide resistance scale;

Disadvantages: high sliding noise, poor heat and moisture resistance.

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