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Teck launched a new generation of mid-range oscilloscope, featuring "faster", "more accurate", "wordless use"

Update Time: 2019-12-20 12:31:58

Teck technologies has recently launched two new products, series 3 MDO and series 4 MSO, to build a new generation of oscilloscope for engineers in the new era. Its "faster", "more accurate" and "worried-free" make engineers full of confidence in each design stage, greatly improve debugging efficiency and accelerate the product development cycle.

The new 3 series MDO and 4 series MSO follow the award-winning industrial design, with larger screen and higher resolution display compared with the similar ones, especially the subconscious user interface design, which greatly improves the learning efficiency and instrument operation efficiency, allowing you to test faster and see more.Hardware upgrade, using a new amplifier technology, background noise than the previous generation of products reduced by 30%, allowing you to test more accurate.Tektronix's first-class product portfolio offers a wide range of demanding applications, advanced measurement and analysis capabilities, and a wealth of testing options for engineers.

"Teck has always been about being an engineer," said Chris Witt, vice President and general manager of teck technologies' time domain products business. "our team has spent hundreds of hours meeting with engineers around the world to test and design new functions and models while developing new products.We are very confident that we can bring the best oscilloscope to market, because it is completely based on the usage habits and perspectives of engineers."

"The new oscilloscope focuses more on the engineer experience," Witt said. "we focus on ease of use and versatility, so engineers have more time to innovate and solve problems without having to worry about learning how to use the oscilloscope."The interface design of the 3 and 4 series, as well as the touch screen and front panel, keep key control functions close at hand. Instead of looking through layers of menus to find Settings, engineers can simply double-click the corresponding reading or measurement on the display screen.

4 series MSO: Tek049 new platform, 12bit ADC up to 6 channel FlexChannel input

The new 4 series MSO has a 13.3-inch display that supports 1920 x 1080 hd resolution.It provides a bandwidth of up to 1.5 GHz, USES a 12-bit ADC, and its resolution is 16 times higher than traditional oscilloscope, allowing you to test the signal amplitude, especially small signal test more accurate.It also has six channels and innovative FlexChannel technology. By connecting the logic probe, any input channel can be converted from an analog channel to eight digital channels, and each digital channel has a sampling rate up to 6.25gs /s. The digital signal time resolution is increased by 12 times, making the digital signal debugging more accurate.

To meet various application requirements, the 4 series MSO offers a wide range of bandwidth options from 200mhz, including serial decoding and analysis, arbitrary waveform/function generator, and DVM/ frequency counter.The new Spectrum View feature provides time-dependent frequency domain analysis and independent Spectrum control.It also provides a power analysis suite for automatic ac, switching, ripple and timing measurements.

Bandwidth and options can be upgraded on-site.All models offer 6.25gs /s sampling rates on all analog and digital channels.The standard record length is 31.25m, and the selected record length is 62.5m.

3 series MDO: more functions, lower noise, set up a new benchmark in the industry

Series 3 MDO is designed to provide a compact and versatile testing platform that is essential to every engineer's desktop.It features a sleek industrial design and an 11.6-inch display that supports full hd resolution.Like other teck products, it has an intuitive user interface and is less than six inches deep on the workbench.

3 series MDO is not only an oscilloscope that can complete various debugging and verification tasks, it also has a built-in spectrum analyzer up to 3 GHz, with a separate RF input channel, its performance is comparable to a separate spectrum analyzer.Engineers can quickly debug the wireless signals in the design, and quickly check the source of EMI radiation without other instruments. 16 digital input channels can be used for mixed signal analysis, and comprehensive serial protocol decoding and triggering options, power measurement options and AFG options can be selected.After product registration, you can also have DVM/ frequency counter function for free.

New 3 series MDO bandwidth from 100 MHz up to 1 GHz.All analog channels provide sampling rate of 2.5gs /s or 5gs /s, and digital channels can provide sampling rate up to 8.25gs /s, support timing resolution of 121.2 ps, standard record length of 10 M, bandwidth and options can be fully upgraded.


The probe

The signal connection between the oscilloscope and the device under test is crucial to understand the tricky circuit.3 series MDO and 4 series MSO adopt TekVPI probe interface, which can be connected to all series teck differential voltage probe, active voltage probe and current probe, as well as the latest low-noise power ripple probe and optical isolation differential probe.

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