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TE pushes out solid state connector and NEMA mount AC

Update Time: 2019-12-20 12:17:57

TE Connectivity (TE) LUMAWISE Endurance products provide reliable protection for controllers used in street and outdoor lighting.Endurance N products conform to NEMA/ANSI standards.Socket connectors are integrated into the luminaire to engage the base on which the lighting control is based.In addition to providing this hermetically interlinked solution between the lamp and the control module, Endurance series provides resistance to ultraviolet light and a high impact cover that completely seals and protects the light controller.Endurance S is used for low pressure street lighting applications that use sensors and are controlled by DALI.Any product in the extended new Endurance S portfolio meets Zhaga specification 18.

Solid state connector

TE Connectivity (TE) 's LUMAWISE Endurance products are designed to meet industry standards for energy management and safe low-torque engagement between base and socket through dimming.Extends service life in harsh outdoor environments through uv resistant materials and effective sealing.

They also launched LUMAWISE Endurance N enhanced base, a lighting control base accessory that provides ac power switching and dc power for complex control node solutions, providing a rapid development and manufacturing platform for NEMA/ANSI street and outdoor lighting control solutions.

The base of AC/DC

TE Connectivity (TE) 's LUMAWISE Endurance N enhanced base has an orderly and reasonable layout of dc power supply and signal transmission interface. The design is economical and efficient, supports reuse, and reduces the risk of project schedule and cost caused by design changes.New projects offer more opportunities and require less certification and engineering, thus reducing supply chain costs, improving manufacturability, and enabling designers to focus more on the development of innovative functions.

As an authorized distributor of TE Connectivity, Heilind provides services and support to the market. In addition, Heilind supplies products from some of the world's top manufacturers in 25 different components categories.

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