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TDK PowerHapTM Evaluation Kit for Haptic Feedback

Update Time: 2019-12-20 12:19:24

TDK introduces two evaluation kits that assess the initial impression of the PowerHap™ piezoelectric actuator in achieving haptic feedback in a variety of situations.

Among them, bos1901-kit development Kit is designed for three actuators with a voltage of 60 V, and the ordering code is Z63000Z2910Z1Z44.Based on the CapDrive™ drive architecture of Boreas Technologies.Previously, the company has reached a cooperation agreement with TDK electronics.BOS1901 piezoelectric actuators are characterized by small size, low current consumption and fast response time.


The second evaluation kit applies not only to the 60 V PowerHap actuator type number, but also to the 120 V type, with two versions available: for the single actuator (Z63000Z2910Z1Z1) driver and for up to five actuators (Z63000Z2910Z1Z7) driver.This suite is also available for three types of PowerHap actuators.

Both kits are equipped with USB ports and have various Settings related to voltage amplitude, frequency, pulse repetition rate, signal shape and sensor function.

TDK is the leading electronics company in Tokyo, Japan. To commercialize ferrite, a key material for electronics and magnetic products.TDK's comprehensive product portfolio includes ceramic, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors, as well as magnetic components, high frequency and piezoelectric and protective devices.

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