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TDK new miniature with tactile feedback PowerHap ? piezoelectric actuators

Update Time: 2019-12-20 12:31:38


PowerHap ™ products already have a period of time, along with the constant promotion we have been found for tactile feedback of products is more and more interested in.TDK is also continuously improving the piezoelectric actuator product line to meet the needs of more customers.

TDK recently launched a new micro 0904 h014v060 and 1204 h018v060 rectangular actuator, further expanded the with tactile feedback PowerHap ™ piezoelectric actuator product line.The new actuators are of sizes of 9 x 3.75 x 1.4 mm and 12 x 4 x 1.8 mm, respectively. At a maximum operating voltage of 60 V and a load of 100 g, the accelerations of 3.3 g (pk) and 5 g (pk) are achieved with a maximum displacement of 15 m and 27 m, respectively.

PowerHap ™ series actuator output acceleration and force is very big, very compact structure design, response time < 1 ms.It also has the advantage of low energy consumption, which is only 0.35mj or 0.6mj for each feedback.Besides the above features, PowerHap ™ can provide good sensing function through the inverse piezoelectric effect.With performance, PowerHap ™ series actuators is technically superior to ERM motor (eccentric rotor motor) and the LRA actuators (linear resonant actuator), and other traditional electromagnetic solution.

New PowerHap ™ series actuators typical application areas include smartphones and tablet computers, household appliances, game consoles, VR/AR device, digitizer and handheld medical equipment, etc.Their order Numbers are Z63000Z2910Z 1Z41 and Z63000Z2910Z 1Z39 respectively.

The main application

Smart phones and tablets, household appliances, game consoles, VR/AR devices, digitizers and handheld medical devices

Main features and advantages

Small size: only 9 x 3.75 x 1.4 mm or 12 x 4 x 1.8 mm

Acceleration: up to 3.3 g (pk) or 5 g (pk)

Response time: <1 ms

Low energy consumption: 0.35mj or 0.6mj per click

Of course, in addition to the new mini PowerHap ™ products, there will be other PowerHap ™ products

With tactile feedback and integrated sensor function of innovative PowerHap ™ piezoelectric actuators and three compact products: 0909 h011v060 h023v120 h018v120 1313 and 2626.At 100 g load, the three products can generate 2.5g, 7g and 35g ultra-high acceleration, respectively.These components offer unparalleled performance in terms of force and response time, providing unprecedented tactile feedback quality.This compact and powerful actuator greatly enhances the human-computer interaction (HMI) sensing experience by combining the sensitivity of various human antennae.

With tactile feedback PowerHap ™ actuators is the basis of with multilayer pressure and no free copper electrode in panels.With multilayer panels, PowerHap ™ actuator can work by relatively low voltage driver: up to 60 V or 120 V (determined by the model).At startup, the piezoelectric panel expands only a little along the z axis and contracts along the x axis and y axis due to quantitative piezoelectric effect. This type of element USES cymbals on both sides of the panel as the operating bar to expand the contraction to 15 times on the z axis.

With eccentric rotary motor actuators (ERM) and linear resonant actuator (LRA), compared to the conventional electromagnetic brake PowerHap ™ has good acceleration and force, low insertion height and the shortest response time, mC and 0.09 to 0.8 mC need electricity per click is extremely low, specific according to the model.This is an integrated sensor function of the independent components.

Different from the traditional electromagnetic actuators, PowerHap ™ actuators can stimulate the range for 1 Hz - 500 Hz.As a result, there are no significant frequency and amplitude limitations for haptic feedback from major human mechanoreceptors.As a result, the new actuator enables designers to customize the high resolution haptic feedback profiles that users want from cutting-edge human-computer interaction.PowerHap ™ is used in vehicles, smartphones and tablet computers, household appliances, automatic teller machines (ATM) and vending machines, game controllers, industrial equipment and treatment equipment, etc.

The main application

Vehicles, smartphones and tablets, home appliances, atms and vending machines, game controllers, industrial equipment and medical devices

Main features and advantages

●High acceleration

●Strong feedback force 

●Large displacement very low insertion height

●Reaction time less than 1 ms 

●Low energy consumption per click

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