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TDK/EPCOS Introduced New MKP AC Capacitor B33331V Series For Filtering Applications

Update Time: 2019-12-20 11:34:43


This article focuses on the  reports of the EPCOS / TDK B33331V Series General Purpose MKP AC Capacitors ,collected related information about it. You  can get a general understanding of the related functions and some parameters of the MKP AC Capacitors.

1.New Product Express


ISELIN, N.J., June 05, 2018  -- TDK Corporation(TSE:6762) introduced a new series of EPCOS MKP AC capacitors for filter applications.

The components of the B33331V* series are designed for a rated voltage of 460 VRMS, corresponding to a peak voltage of 650 V, and cover a capacitance range from 2 µF to 50 µF. Both the cans and the tops are constructed of aluminum, making the overall design particularly robust. Despite this, the dimensions – depending on the type – range from just 30 mm x 55 mm to 50 mm x 100 mm (D x H).The release of this product has attracted the attention of many media.Next we will talk about his specific details.

2.The description of EPCOS / TDK B33331V Series General Purpose MKP AC Capacitors

EPCOS / TDK B33331V Series General Purpose MKP AC Capacitors are ideal for general AC filtering applications. The capacitors feature self-healing properties, a low dissipation factor, and overpressure disconnection for safety. The series offers a voltage option of 460V with capacitance ranging from 2μF - 50μF. The B33331V Series is CE compatible and UL approved for diameter > 40mm.

The reliability of the new capacitors, even under harsh conditions, has been verified by a temperature, humidity, bias (THB) test at 85 °C, 85 percent relative humidity and an applied rated voltage for 1000 hours. In compliance with IEC 61071, the life expectancy is at least 100,000 hours. The capacitors bear the CE symbol, types with a can diameter of >40 mm are UL-approved, and the insulation of the connections conforms to UL 94 V0. In the event of excessive pressure in the capacitor case due to an overload, the integrated overpressure disconnection safety device isolates both terminals from the winding.The new capacitors can be used, for example, as output filters of photovoltaic inverters,frequency converters and uninterruptible power supplies.

EPCOS / TDK B33331V Series

3.What is the main features and application

Related Features
Self-healing properties
Low dissipation factor
Overpressure disconnection safety device
Indoor mounting
UL approved for diameter > 40mm
Humidity protected: 85°C 85% rel. Humidity (RH) at 460V for 1000h
CE compatible
2+2 fast-on terminal 6.3 x 0.8mm #250 style
Main features and benefits
Robust design thanks to aluminum can and top
Compact dimensions
Integrated overpressure disconnection safety device
Main applications
Output filters of photovoltaic inverters, frequency converters and uninterruptible power supplies
Metallized polypropylene film
Aluminum can and top

Filling material: soft polyurethane resin

4.jotrin electronics engineer Ben said that“The release of the new TDK MKP AC Capacitor B33331V Series products has greatly promoted the development of capacitors and enriched the product range of capacitors. At the same time, consumers will have better choices.

by jotrin electronics website,you can find more capacitor type,Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors,Feed Through Capacitors, Silicon Capacitors, Aluminum Organic Polymer Capacitors ,Film Capacitors Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors Capacitor, Hardware Mica Capacitors ,Tantalum Capacitors, Kits Niobium Oxide Capacitors Trimmer / Variable Capacitors,Ceramic Capacitors etc,you can buy related capacitor parts online directly.

5.You can gain more information by Film Capacitors – AC Capacitors,General purpose MKP AC capacitor datasheet and pdf ,datasheet link address as follows:
EPCOS is known as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic components. Hardly
any other supplier offers onestop-shopping for all key components.
The growing sale of power-quality products has led EPCOS to develop a strategy for AC applications In conjunction with technical experts, the aim is to offer application know-how rather than just products. That means customized service packages put together by individual application experts and assembled by specialists.

In view of the growing importance of power quality, EPCOS is focusing on AC filtering solutions.

The wide range of different powers means that filtering products are split up into various segments: small singlephase systems mostly with powers up to 12 kVA, followed by 3-phase mid and highpower ranges up to 50 kVA,200 kVA and even above 200 kVA. When used as filters,capacitors will smooth any irregularities that could be introduced in the power network and help to improve power quality and reliability.

EPCOS Product Brief 2017 Film Capacitors for AC Filtering in Industrial Applications pdf

6.About TDK Corporation B33331V series capacitors

TDK is the leading electronics company in Tokyo, Japan.It was founded in 1935 to commercialize ferrite, a key material for electronics and magnetic products.TDK's comprehensive product portfolio includes ceramic, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors, as well as magnetic components, high frequency and piezoelectric and protective devices.Products also include sensors and sensor systems, such as temperature and pressure, magnetic and MEMS sensors.In addition, TDK also provides power and energy equipment, magnetic head, etc.These products are sold under TDK, epcos, InvenSense, Micronas, Tronics and tdk-lambda brands.TDK focuses on information and communications technology and high demand markets in the automotive, industrial and consumer electronics sectors.The company has manufacturing locations and sales offices in Asia, Europe and north and South America.In fiscal 2018, TDK reported total sales of $12 billion and employs about 103,000 people worldwide.

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