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TDA2030 Datasheet, Equivalent, and Pinout

Update Time: 2022-11-21 15:49:24



TDA2030 is a commonly used high-power amplifier block, mainly used in high-fidelity audio equipment due to its simple peripheral circuit, high output power and low distortion.

TDA2030 Introduction

TDA2030 is an audio amplifier integrated circuit with a V-type 5-pin single in-line plastic package structure, which can be divided into H-type and V-type according to the shape of the pins.

This IC is widely used in car stereo recorders with medium-power audio equipment, small size, high output power, harmonic distortion, crossover distortion and other characteristics. And with short circuits and overheat protection circuits, etc., mostly used in advanced recorders and high fax stereo amplification devices.

SGS, RCA, HITACHI, NEC and other companies have similar products; although their internal circuits are slightly different, the pin positions and functions are the same and can be interchanged.

TDA2030 Features

  • Very low power-on shock

  • Very few external components

  • High output power, Po=18W (RL=4Ω)

  • Ultra-compact package (TO-220) is adopted to increase assembly density

  • Various protection circuits are included so it works safely and reliably


TDA2030 Specifications.png

TDA2030 Specifications1.png

TDA2030 Application

  • For amplifying audio signals

  • For high-power amplification

  • Operates on a dual or split power supply

  • It is used in audio speakers for cascading

Application Circuit

TDA2030 Typical Application Circuit 1.png
TDA2030 Typical Application Circuit 2.png

TDA2030 Pinout

TDA2030 Pinout.png

TDA2030 Pinout1.png
TDA2030 Pinout

Pin NumberName
1INSignal Input
2NFNegative Feedback
3Vee/GNDNegative Power/Ground
5VccPositive Power

TDA2030 Equivalent

TDA2030A, TDA2050, NTE1380, LM386, please note that TDA2030 can replace TDA2030A, but TDA2030A cannot be replaced by TDA2030.

TDA2030 Dimensions

TDA Dimensions.png

TDA2030 Package

TDA2030 Package.png

TDA2030 Datasheet Download


1.The TDA2030A has a load drain voltage recoil protection circuit. If the peak voltage of the power supply is 40V, an LC filter must be inserted between pin 5 and the power supply. A diode must be used to limit the voltage (if the high voltage is generated on pin 5 for any reason, the inductance of the speaker coil will make the voltage equal to the power supply voltage) to ensure that the pulse string on pin 5 is maintained within the specified range.

2. Compared with the ordinary circuit, adding a heat sink can give it a higher safety factor. If the junction temperature is exceeded, there is no damage to the device, and if this happens, Po=(and, of course, Ptot) and Io are reduced.

3. Thermal protection: thermal protection has the following advantages, it can easily withstand the output overload (even for a long time), or the ambient temperature exceeds when all play a protective role.

4. Printed circuit board design must better consider the ground and output decoupling because these lines have a large current.

5. assembly between the heat sink and the need for insulation, the lead length should be as short as possible, soldering temperature shall not exceed 260 ℃, 12 seconds.

6. Although the TDA2030A requires few components, the components selected must be of guaranteed quality.

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