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Syfer Surface Mount EMI Filters

Update Time: 2019-12-19 00:04:23

Syfer Surface Mount EMI Filters

Syfer SBxx Surface Mount EMI filters have X7R and C0G dielectrics, as well as EMI filtering performance up to 1GHz and higher. The SBSP series has a 1 amp rated current, the SBSG series has a 5 amp rated current, and the SBSM series has a 10 amp rated current. These filters are ideal for telecom, power supplies, industrial equipment, and aerospace applications.

NEW! Syfer offers E01 & E07 Surface Mount EMI Filters, an extension to the Syfer 3 terminal EMI chip range, which are capable of carrying currents up to 2A. E01 & E07 Surface Mount EMI Filters are suitable for use on DC lines and can prevent the radiation of interference emanating from high speed signal lines and IC's, and also prevent the propagation of high frequency noise on power lines. E01 & E07 Surface Mount EMI Filters from Syfer offer improved high frequency filtering performance as a result of the DC current being fed directly through the EMI chip.

Syfer Technology Limited is a global manufacturer of ceramic multilayer components. Products range from high-volume ceramic chip capacitors, application-specific capacitor assemblies, and highly complex planar arrays.


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