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SOURIAU delivers excellent sealed connectors that meet a variety of standards

Update Time: 2019-12-20 09:48:16

SOURIAU offers a wide range of products that meet EN3646, EN2997 and mil-dtl-38999 standards in the sealed connectors category for harsh environments, particularly for civil and military aviation applications.With its expertise, manufacturing processes and quality control, SOURIAU brings to the market a range of outstanding sealed connector products.

SOURIAU: first class customer service, product quality and logistics

In the aviation industry, SOURIAU has a reputation for listening to customers, high levels of manufacturing quality and efficient logistics.Globally, the company adheres strictly to the delivery cycle and delivery date, whether through direct sales or through a network of authorized distributors.Because the product inventory is guaranteed, the dealer can provide the required connector when the user assembles or needs maintenance.

Large series of standard products and customized products

Arnaud Calvet, product manager of sealed connectors, says: "we also offer sealed versions for a wide range of standardised connectors manufactured in the aerospace sector, including all case sizes and pin pin arrangements.In addition, we can also provide customized products,

such as through the seal, thermocouple connector and pressure contact head version.


SOURIAU sealed connector for the future

Arnaud Calvet says: "in the aerospace sector, there is a strong growth in demand for sealed connectors for all types of equipment, including aircraft electronics, which must be protected from external fluids."We are seeing increasing use of sensors (such as pressure, temperature, velocity changes, stress, etc.) in all parts of the aircraft, as well as increased demand for sealed connectors for landing gear actuators, wing flaps and stabilizers, flight controllers and engine electronics.

Proven technology

The tightness between the client device and the SOURIAU connector depends primarily on two locations.The first is the connection between the connector and the device;The second is between the contact and the housing.Glass insulators have replaced traditional insulators in the manufacture of sealed connectors.Will match good sintering and contact needle seat shell put in autoclave, melt under the temperature of 1000 ℃.Under the action of heating and cooling cycle, the glass contracts and makes the shell and each contact completely sealed.

Promising SOURIAU sealed connector

Arnaud Calvet says: "sealed connectors are increasingly used in industry and aviation because of their compact size.And it's lighter because there are no rear parts.These are new opportunities that we can seize right away."

Esterline ConnecTIon Technologies (SOURIAU SUNBANK) is a global leader in interconnection solutions for the most hostile environments (aerospace, defense, transportation, energy, industrial equipment, healthcare, and lighting).

The company has also invested in research and development bases and factories to produce solutions that meet environmental requirements and international trade regulations.

Souriau-sunbank has a wide range of products, all using cutting-edge electrical and optical connection technology design, suitable for non-hazardous environment and extreme temperature, strong vibration and corrosive liquid, in line with specific international market standards.


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