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Harmonizing ecology and technology contributes to a clean society. SanRex, as a leading company in the power electronics field, is striving to create a more comfortable global environment for all by creating products with both environmental and technological value. We believe that our SanRex Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Inverters achieve this goal.

SanRex's Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Inverters provide very high efficient and stable power that comes in 3 power ratings to meet most requirements, 100kW, 250kW and 500kW. These three-phase inverters are approved by TUV Rheinland and are designed to meet with all applicable CE requirements in European grid-connected PV installations.

Based on our long history and experience in the power electronics field, SanRex offers very reliable Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Grid Connected Central Inverters, "HV Type" for Mono & Poly-crystalline silicone PV modules and "HMV Type" for thin-film PV modules.

NEMA 3R outdoor rating models are also available in powers of 250kW and 500kW for the US market.

Features of SanRex Solar PV Inverters

  • Up to *900VDC - Wide range of solar array input voltages applicable for all photovoltaic technologies. *Note: Up to 600VDC for US models
  • Self-Learning function (patented) - For automatically setting the optimized value of each parameter.
  • Achieved a peak efficiency of *96.56% CEC-weighted with Isolation transformer - For higher energy yield technologies. *Note: for 100kW model
  • Advanced MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) - For minimal power losses.
  • Anti-Islanding protection - To prevent back-feeding of inverter generated power
  • Touch panel screen - For easy control.
  • Real-time data monitoring - For easy access to evaluate site condition. And operation
  • Complete turnkey solution.
  • Warranty extension up to 20 years (optional).

Learn More - SanRex Solar PV Inverter Brochures: • For Europe models    • For US models

Below are some references for SanRex PV Inverters which have been installed and are currently being used in the worldwide market.


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