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Software library optimized for smartphone and wearable applications

Update Time: 2019-12-20 00:31:05

Software library optimized for smartphone and wearable applications

QuickLogic Corporation announced the addition of several new algorithms to its SenseMe Sensor Algorithm Library. When coupled with QuickLogic’s sensor hub silicon platforms and reference designs, the SenseMe algorithms enable designers of smartphone and wearable devices to expand the capabilities and features of their devices, dramatically shorten design time while lowering risk, and improve battery life and data accuracy.

QuickLogic’s SenseMe algorithm library now includes new algorithms for low latency context determination of when the user is in a car or on a bicycle, and fitness/wellness tracking capabilities for on-demand Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM), advanced pedometer functions, and sleep analysis. The advanced pedometer provides step counting for slow cadence, normal walking, and fast walking as well as running; while the sleep analysis algorithm furnishes information on light sleep, deep sleep, and awake modes. OEMs that have benchmarked QuickLogic’s pedometer against some of the leading products in the market today have deemed the pedometer to be consistently delivering 97%+ accuracy.

QuickLogic’s SenseMe algorithms allow smartphone and wearable design teams to easily interpret data from a wide range of sensors including inertial, magnetic, biological, proximity and light sensors to determine the user’s activity status and context.

  • Pedometer Advanced Steps with false step rejection, Distance, Speed, Calorie
  • Context Stationary, Walking, Running, Accidental Drop, Not On Person, On-Bike, Sleep Analysis, In-Car
  • Gesture Raise Hand, Twist Hand, Double Tap, Horizontal Angle
  • Wellness Heart Rate Monitor (on demand)
  • Other Multi-axis fusion, UV Light, Ambient Light, Proximity
  • Sensors Supported Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Pressure, Proximity, Temperature, PPG Heart Rate Monitor, Humidity, Ambient Light Sensor, Ultraviolet (UV) Light Sensor
  • Operating Systems RTOS, Android 4.2 (Ice Cream Sandwich), 4.3 (Jellybean), 4.4 (KitKat), 5.0 (Lollipop), OS-less

The ArcticLink 3 S2 and SenseMe algorithms are fully compatible with the Android OS including KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, and RTOS-based systems. QuickLogic provides standard Android drivers to facilitate quick and seamless integration.

The ArcticLink 3 S2 platform can be easily customized to suit unique customer requirements through QuickLogic’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and reference designs. Development of differentiated products can be quickly accomplished using the IDE for incorporation of QuickLogic’s extensive software offerings, customer developed algorithms, third party algorithms or any combination of the three.

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