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Smallest chip resistors and a 650V voltage-tolerant IGBT from ROHM Semiconductor

Update Time: 2019-12-20 12:23:25

Smallest chip resistors and  a 650V voltage-tolerant IGBT from  ROHM Semiconductor

Do you know how big the world's smallest chip resistors are?
At the 2018 Shanghai Messe in Munich, ROHM Semiconductor Group showed new products: the world's smallest chip resistors, the resistor is widely used in consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, home appliances and other products.
So how about the world's smallest class of resistors?

According to media,ROHM Semiconductor Group showed the world's smallest 03015 size chip resistors.

This product has significant features and advantages:

(1) 0.3x0.15 (mm) dimensions are achieved with chips developed through exclusive process technology;
(2) Solder type and high reliability by using gold electrodes with excellent corrosion resistance;
(3) Chip size accuracy increased from ±20μm to ±10μm;
(4) It can be installed using the existing automatic placement machine.
As a technologically powerful technology company, ROHM Semiconductor Group has continuously developed new products.
The 03015 size chip resistors display make us surprised us even more.
Why do they  do so well?
'Quality First' - Unwavering since their founding
ROHM offers a number of products that have become key devices in a wide range of fields, including the automobile industry which is experiencing increased innovation, the industrial equipment and home appliance markets where energy conservation and IoT conversion are required, and the rapidly evolving IT sector.

Supporting their product development is a vertically-integrated production system in which all steps, from development to production, are implemented within the Group. "Quality is their top priority at all times" has become their mindset from the very beginning and one which they continue to maintain and protect.

Injecting a high level of quality into every process ensures reliable traceability and an optimized supply chain, allowing us to contribute not only through their products but through their manufacturing system as well that guarantees stable delivery. In addition, ROHM offers an one-stop shop by providing a wide lineup that ranges from resistors and discrete products to ICs and modules.

They are focusing their efforts into providing solutions that leverage the full capabilities of the ROHM Group, which includes LAPIS Semiconductor and Kionix, in order to solve the major challenges faced by society and their customers.

According to the company's official website:

ROHM, a world-famous semiconductor manufacturer, has newly developed a 650V voltage-tolerant IGBT with the industry's top low conduction loss) and high-speed switching characteristics. )"RGTV Series (short-circuit withstand capability) retention version)" and "RGW Series ( "High-speed switch version)", a total of 21 models. 

These products are ideally suited for power conversion of general-purpose inverters and converters for UPS (uninterrupted power supply), welder and power control board industrial equipment, air conditioners, IH (induction heating) and other consumer electronics.

The new series of products developed using thin-wafer technology and ROHM's unique structure have achieved top-level performance in the industry in terms of low conduction loss and high-speed switching characteristics. For example, when used in an interleaved PFC circuit, the efficiency is improved by 1.2% at light loads and by 0.3% at heavy loads, which helps to further reduce the power consumption of the application. In addition, through the internal optimization of the components, a smooth soft switch is achieved. Compared with the normal products with the same efficiency, it successfully reduces the voltage overshoot by 50%*4), thereby reducing the number of components that must be used for countermeasures in the past and significantly reducing the design burden.

This series of products began to sell samples in October 2017 (sample price 400 yen ~ /: not including tax), and began production in December 2017 with a monthly production capacity of 100,000. The production base of the previous process was Rinpoche Semiconductors Miyazaki Co., Ltd. (Miyazaki, Japan), and the production process of the later process was ROHM Integrated Systems (Thailand) (Thailand).

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