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SiTime Programmable Oscillator: SiT8002

Update Time: 2019-12-19 00:00:20

SiTime Programmable Oscillator: SiT8002

SiTime's SiT8002 Programmable Oscillator family comprises the world's smallest, high-performance, one-time programmable 1MHz to 125MHz oscillators. The effects of vibration, shock, strain, and humidity are minimized due to the devices' 4-pad QFN-type, standard low-cost plastic packages. Completely quartz-free, the oscillators are SG-8002 form and function compatible with footprints that match common quartz SMT products. The SiT8002 programmable oscillators are suitable for use in clock generation for consumer, portable, industrial, automotive, and computation applications.

SiTime develops revolutionary MEMS-based silicon timing solutions and offers the most powerful, reliable and configurable leading products with the shortest lead times. The heartbeat of the company's programmable oscillator's cutting-edge electronics is ideal for a variety of networking and communications, storage and computing, consumer and industrial device applications.


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