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Single-stage LED driver promises highest levels of dimmer compatibility

Update Time: 2019-12-20 23:55:26

Single-stage LED driver promises highest levels of dimmer compatibility

Cirrus Logic, Inc. has introduced a first family of single-stage LED drivers, the CS1615/16, targeting the incandescent lamp replacement market. Through patented technology, the CS1615/16 consistently outperforms competing single-stage LED drivers in dimmer compatibility while offering a total bill-of-material cost equal to competing solutions, according to the company.  Across a broad range of dimmers, the company asserts the CS1615/16 consistently dims to nearly zero light output, which closely matches the dimming performance of incandescent light bulbs. Patented dimmer-compatibility technology identifies the type of dimmer in use and applies the appropriate operating mode. This adaptive digital technology consistently provides full functionality on even the most challenging leading edge, trailing edge and “smart” digital dimmers. The LED drivers enable next-generation bulbs to meet proposed standards from Energy Star, NEMA, California Energy Commission and other standards. The CS1615/16 provides primary-side constant current control and tight LED current regulation, high efficiency, active power factor correction and low THD. These ICs support isolated and non-isolated topologies with minimal EMI filter design requirements.

Cirrus Logic,

Cirrus Logic is a leading supplier of embedded processors for high precision analog mixed signal and audio and industrial markets. Expertise in the development of complex chip designs requires a high quality premium, and Cirrus Logic's products focus on functional integration to eliminate and reduce overall external components in board design. Cirrus Logic has developed high-precision analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for a wide range of consumer and industrial markets. Based on its diverse portfolio of patented analog and signal processing technologies, Cirrus Logic offers highly optimized products for consumer and commercial audio, automotive entertainment, industrial and aerospace applications.


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