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SiC 1200-V MOSFET boasts RDS(ON) of 25-mOhms in TO-247-3 package

Update Time: 2019-12-20 22:14:37

SiC 1200-V MOSFET boasts RDS(ON) of 25-mOhms in TO-247-3 package

Cree (Durham, NC) introduced a silicon carbide (SiC) 1200-V MOSFET with an RDS(ON) of 25 mΩ in an industry standard TO-247-3 package. The C2M0025120D, is expected to be widely adopted in PV inverters, high voltage DC/DC converters, induction heating systems, EV charging systems, and medical CT applications. Based on the company’s C2M SiC MOSFET technology, the new device has:

  • A high switching frequency for reduced size, weight and cost in power systems.
  • A pulsed current rating (IDS Pulse) of 250 A for pulsed power applications.
  • A positive temperature coefficient to allow the devices to be paralleled.

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Cree is the market's leading innovator and semiconductor manufacturer, increasing their value by significantly improving the energy efficiency of solid state lighting, power and communications products. Cree's market advantage lies in its unique material expertise in the field of GaN-based silicon carbide (SiC) and its use in the manufacture of chips and complete devices that can be used in very small spaces. It handles more power, while its materials and products generate less heat than other prior art. Cree's Energy Return Solution (ROETM) is used in a variety of applications, including a variety of exciting options, including brighter, more adjustable LEDs for general lighting and more vivid displays. Backlight, optimal power management for high current switching power supplies and variable speed motors, and more efficient wireless infrastructure for data and voice communications. Cree's customer base ranges from new lighting fixture manufacturers to federal agencies related to defense. Cree's product line includes blue and green LED chips, lighting LEDs, backlight LEDs, power switching devices, and broadcast/wireless devices.

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