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Sharp Microelectronics Memory LCD Display Modules

Update Time: 2019-12-19 23:57:12

Sharp Microelectronics Memory LCD Display Modules

Sharp Microelectronics' Memory LCD technology delivers high-contrast, high-resolution displays that allow for denser content than many other types of similar-sized LCDs, but only consumes 0.8% of the power of these conventional displays. Sharp's Memory LCD modules embed 1-bit memory in every pixel to enable each pixel to hold state while requiring very little current. This delivers an "always on" display that uses little power (only a single supply voltage is required), even when updating images. This helps designers create products with exceptionally long battery life. It also eliminates sweeping images or "ghosting", because only the part of the image that requires updating needs to be changed. The response time of Sharp's Memory LCD Displays makes it fast enough to display motion video. Bold and crisp black images are delivered by high-resolution capability in a small diagonal display. A lightweight, two-glass design, plus an integrated driver in the panel, provides an exceptionally thin module that's perfect for compact handheld, wrist-top, and other small-screen devices that benefit from displaying rich content. Incorporating the Memory LCD into a design is simple with a 3-wire SPI serial interface (SI, SCS, SCK).
New 1.35" and 6.0" displays available!

Sharp Electrionic Components offers forward-thinking LCD, Optoelectronics, Memory, Imager, and RF/IR components.

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