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Seismic Intensity Meter STR-361

Update Time: 2019-12-20 13:42:39

Seismic Intensity Meter STR-361

  • Quick and initial response for the earthquake disaster can be achieved by catching correct seismic intensity information.
  • Officially certified by JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency)

When an earthquake occurs, the STR-361 automatically measures and displays the seismic scale which is categorized into ten points (*) by utilizing the algorism that is specified by JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency). It is an officially certified product by JMA as a seismic intensity meter. It has many functions other than measuring and displaying. It can record and store the various data that are associated with the earthquake, and it can notify those data to host system as it equips data communication function. In addition, it makes the “Earthquake Early Warning System” workable with creating a system network by making use of optional “earthquake early detecting function”.


  • Officially certified product by JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency)
    It is an officially certified product by JMA as a seismic intensity meter.
  • Earthquake early detecting function
    It is capable to have a calculation feature which functions on the basis of estimation algorithm under the earthquake early warning seismometer with taking into consideration of various earthquake factors. (optional function)
    Note : This algorithm is a joint patent together with Railway Technical Research Institute and JMA.
  • Compatible with network
    The STR-361 supports various protocols such as TCP/IP, FTP, Telnet, etc. In addition, it allows dial-up connection with using optional modem unit.
  • Can be increased speed of information-processing with real-time calculation of seismic intensity
    By the feature of advance announcement function which enables it to start data transfer of the earthquake to host-system only after 2.5 second from start-up of seismic trigger, it allows to create an immediate warning network system. (our own patent: No.3241486)
  • Achieves high dynamic range of over 130dB by the high-performance A/D(Analog-Digital) conversion technology
    Since it adopts 24-bit delta-sigma A/D convertor, the high-accuracy measurement data can be achieved by its high dynamic range which can bring the properties of acceleration sensor into full performance.
  • Enables to install high-capacity compact flash cards (1GB) 
    The prolonged recording for the data of earthquake information or seismic waveform can be performed to the compact flash cards. This feature allows to utilize for data analysis with using PC.
  • Color liquid crystal display provides a high level of visibility
    It adopts a 5.7-inch color LCD with touch-screen feature, therefore this makes it possible for interactive configuration for data display or operation setup.


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