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Scopes handle deep analysis, mixed signals

Update Time: 2019-12-18 00:00:00

Scopes handle deep analysis, mixed signals

The DLM/DL6000 series consists of five four-channel oscilloscope models: the 500-MHz and 1-GHz DLM mixed-signal oscilloscopes with 16- or 32-bit logic capability, and the 500-MHz, 1-GHz, and 1.5-GHz DL versions. All units have a maximum sampling rate of 5 Gsamples/s or more, memory of 6.25 Mpoints per channel, and advanced analysis features.

Depending on the probe used, the MSOs’ logic inputs have a maximum toggle rate of 100 or 250 MHz. The scopes’ advanced logic-analysis capabilities include state display, a “Virtual D/A” feature, and the ability to sample logic channels simultaneously with analog channels at the same speed. (500-MHz MSO with two 100-MHz logic probes, $13,700 available now.)

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