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Samsung electronics to create a new quality of life, highlight the personalized charm of home appliances

Update Time: 2019-12-20 17:47:50

In the past 40 years since the reform and opening up, China's home appliance industry has developed from the early black and white TV to color TV, and now "smart +" is popularized all over the country. Driven by leading enterprises in the home appliance industry such as samsung electronics, China's home appliance industry has been continuously upgraded, providing Chinese consumers with high-quality home appliance equipment.Now, in the home appliance industry a new round of change, samsung electronics are keen insight into consumer upgrade user demand in the big tide of change, leading to contain ideas of forward-looking design, and innovation of science and technology, provides including samsung house, and a range of 8 k AI image compensation technology, quality and convenient home solutions, and through the whole black and white electricity product matrix layout, from the two aspects of entertainment and daily life style, improve the quality of life of consumers.

With the rapid progress of technology today, consumers have higher and higher demand for high quality and personalized high-tech home appliances.In the first half of 2018, about 23 percent of consumers chose to replace home appliances due to the use of high-tech devices, according to survey data from electronics has also captured this market trend, applying its top technology to black electricity products to improve users' daily entertainment experience in all aspects.On the one hand, the QLED 8K TV not only provides consumers with the choice of 65 inches, 75 inches, 82 inches and 98 inches, to meet the personalized needs of users for different sizes of screens, but also applies AI technology to the equipment to actively improve the content with low picture quality to 8K resolution by means of artificial intelligence.Samsung electronics, on the other hand, has built a suite of five speakers using harman katon's top-of-the-line sound technology, including three speakers equipped with multi-directional sound, to achieve a vivid and shocking 7.1 sound effect.The upward two stereos can simulate stereo effects, allowing users to get a cinema level immersive experience without leaving the house.


Besides black electricity, samsung electronics will also its innovative ideas on instead of the People's Daily housework white goods, not only pay attention to the design of product appearance white electricity, also by top technology equipment more in line with the daily demand, greatly improving the user experience, none is so clever, hyperspace refrigerators and Quick Drive samsung wisdom longed for, multidimensional double Drive washing machine is the most representative.In the refrigerator, this year shows a clever and AWE, not only through hyperspace series flat design as well as the appearance of lines, let whole fridge more contracted, fashionable, also use Space Max technology innovation, will be effective combination of polyurethane foam insulation materials and optimization of structural design, reduce the refrigerator door wall thickness, the implementation of 642 l super capacity personal needs.Washing machines, samsung electronics "appearance level + performance" product ideas have also been a perfect interpretation.In terms of appearance level, the new generation of Quick Drive samsung chi moo • multi-dimensional dual-drive washing machine gives a smart personalized color to the whole household through the streamline design and blue crystal large window with dual injection molding process.In terms of performance, zhimu · multi-dimensional dual-drive washing machine, equipped with dual motor and dual drive inner cylinder, skillfully integrates the two washing modes of roller and wave wheel, and CARES for clothes while improving laundry efficiency.

With the significant enhancement of consumers' purchasing power, the consumption characteristics of quality, intelligence, individuation and diversification have become increasingly prominent.Now, in the smart, healthy, high-end home appliances market to maintain steady growth, under the trend of home appliances have become the best symbol of quality life, and under the environment of people consumption upgrade, strong function, good performance and better user experience of high-end home appliances products will be playing a more important role in People's Daily life.To this end, samsung electronics has dug deep into the pain points of users in household appliances products, and continuously launched household appliances products with ingenuity and artistic aesthetic integration, providing users with systematic life solutions in addition to helping them improve their quality of life.In the future, with the continuous strengthening and innovation of samsung electronics in the field of home appliances, people will experience a more high-quality and personalized ecological environment at home.

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