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ROHM Semiconductor SIM-030ST / SIM040ST Proximity Sensing IR LEDs

Update Time: 2019-12-19 23:54:43

ROHM Semiconductor SIM-030ST / SIM040ST Proximity Sensing IR LEDs

ROHM Semiconductor SIM-030ST and SIM-040ST high-performance IR LEDs are ideally suited for proximity sensor applications. These ROHM surface-mount IR LEDs feature breakthrough IR wavelength technology providing peak output of 870 nm, compared to 950 nm for comparable devices. The 870 nm level is much closer to the peak wave sensitivity of phototransistors (sensors), thus achieving higher efficiency proximity sensing and energy savings of up to 66%. The small package footprint and low-profile further enhance their application in cell phones and other portable devices. The ROHM Semiconductor SIM-030ST, the smaller of the two IR LED devices, has a 2.3 mm x 1.95 mm footprint and a height of just 0.9 mm. With a forward current (IF) of 100 mA, the device delivers typical emission strength of 30 mW/sr (milliwatts per steradian). The slightly larger SIM-040ST (3.1 mm x 2.25 mm x 1.6 mm) provides 40 mW/sr, typical emission strength. These IR LEDs are the latest additions to ROHM's Optical Sensors Series of emitters, receivers, photointerrupters, tilt sensors, IrDA modules and remote control modules.

ROHM was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1958. ROHM designs and manufactures semiconductors, integrated circuits and other electronic components. These components have a place in the rapidly changing and growing wireless, computer, automotive and consumer electronics markets. Some of the most innovative devices and devices use ROHM products. ROHM business in north American market continues to expand, with the logistics headquarters in San Diego, California, design center, located in SAN jose, California, Michigan novy quality assurance center, sales office in guadalajara, sales network covers the marketing, sales and engineering design, can support from Canada to Brazil's north and South America customers. In addition to the direct sales team, ROHM also works with a number of sales representative organizations and industry leading e-dealers.


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