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ROHM Launches Power Management IC for NXP i.MX 8M Application Processors

Update Time: 2019-12-20 11:03:12

Source: ROHM Website (

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Press release summary:

Recently, ROHM held a press conference in Beijing and announced that the availability of a programmable system power management IC (PMIC) optimized for NXP® Semiconductors’ i.MX 8M family of applications processors that excels in processing audio, video, and graphics in a wide range of applications, from home audio/video to industrial automation and mobile computing.BD71837MWV is a high-efficiency power management IC (PMIC) for NXP application processor "i.MX 8M Series" - BD71837MWV, 130nm process.BD71837MWV integrates all power rails required by i.MX 8M processors and system peripherals. In addition to a high-efficiency buck converter that provides a maximum conversion efficiency of 95%, most protection functions required by the system are included, making it possible to significantly reduce the development time, decrease size, and simplify system design.ROHM has developed PMICs that are ideally suited for NXP's i.MX applications processors, leveraging its years of analog design technology and power supply process technology advantages.

1.The general description of the BD71837MWV

BD71837MWV is a programmable Power Management IC (PMIC) for powering single-core,dual-core, and quad-core SoC’s such as NXP-i.MX 8M. It is optimized for low BOM cost and compact solution footprint. It integrates 8 Buck regulators and 7 LDO’s to provide all the power rails required by the SoC and the commonly used peripherals.QFN package and pinout support low cost Type 3(non-HDI) PCB. Programmable power sequencing and output voltages, flexible power state control foreasier system design and supports a wide variety ofprocessors and system implementations.

ROHM Launches Power Management IC for NXP i.MX 8M Application Processors

2.More BD71837MWV details and features

In addition to integrate a sequencer compatible with power modes supported by i.MX 8M processors, making it possible to significantly reduce the development time, decrease size, and simplify application design.Control logic that allows it to supply power not only to the processor, but the required DDR memory as well – all from a single chip. A 1.8V/3.3V power switch for SDXC cards is also built in, along with a 32.768kHz crystal oscillator driver and multiple protection circuits such as output short-circuit, output over-voltage/current, and thermal shutdown.Buck conversion efficiency from 83 to 95% is achieved for 0.7V to 3.3V output, and the wide input voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V supports a variety of power sources, from batteries to USB, making them ideal for i.MX 8M applications.Furthermore, when single-sided mounting andType-3 PCB is assumed, 56 fewer parts are needed compared with discrete solutions, reducing PCB area by up to 45%.

The features as belows

Only one chip provides the power functions required by the i.MX 8M series

The power supply circuit of BD71837MWV" is designed based on the power supply system of i.MX 8M series processors. It integrates control logic, 8-channel step-down DC/DC converter (Buck Converter), and 7-channel LDO*2. This one chip not only supplies power to the processor, but also powers the DDR memory required by the application, and it also has a built-in 1.8V/3.3V switch for SDXC cards, a 32.768kHz crystal buffer, and numerous protection functions (each power supply System output short-circuit, output over-voltage, output over-current and thermal shutdown, etc.).

Equipped with a step-down DC/DC converter with a power conversion efficiency as high as 95%, it has a wide input voltage range and supports a wide range of voltages from 1 cell Li-Ion battery to USB (2.7V~5.5V). Therefore, it is worth mentioning as i. The best PMIC for MX 8M processor applications.

Small QFN package saves space

The small QFN package (8mm x 8mm, height 1mm Max, pitch 0.4mm, and 68pin) not only provides the required power function, but also the pin design of the PMIC allows the i.MX 8M processor and DDR memory to be more connected Easy to use, it helps to ease the burden of PCB layout design. Compared with the same power supply system composed of discrete components as the new product, the number of parts can be reduced by 56 and the mounting area can be reduced by 45% (on the condition of “single-side mount, Type-3 PCB”). In addition, if you use double-sided placement, you need less than 400 square millimeters of space to achieve the power function.

Can be tailored to system use

In order to make the application design more flexible and free, the new product is equipped with the corresponding sequencer of the power mode (RUN, IDLE, SUSPEND, SNVS, OFF) supported by the i.MX 8M processor. With the I2C interface and OTP (One Time Programmable ROM), depending on the function and memory type required by the system, the output voltage of each power supply, ON/OFF control, enable/disable of the protection function, and transition condition of the power mode can be customized. To achieve the best application design to meet the application.

Completion of Operational Evaluation with the i.MX 8M Processor Reduces Application Development Cycle

The real-time installation work combined with the i.MX 8M product has also been evaluated, thus shortening the development cycle of the application and helping to introduce the product to the market in a timely manner. ROHM also prepared the design guides, reference circuits, and reference layouts for the peripheral applications required by the design. In addition, a PMIC Unit Evaluation Board can be provided for pre-evaluation during power supply cell evaluation or customization.

The PMIC-BD71837MWV Applications

Streaming Media Boxes and Dongles

AV Receivers and Wireless Sound Bars

Industrial HMI, SBC, IPC and Panel Computer

3.Jotrin Electronics official website provides most of the electronic components datasheet, the BD71837MWV datasheet download address:

By datasheet,you can learn more information about itinclude the description ,features,application and related Thermal Resistance,Power Reference and Detectors (UVLO) etc.At the same time, Jotrin Electronics also offers a large number of electronic components for RHOHM,Related RHOHM Models.

TJA1041T/H/V,518  PMZB290UNE LPC1114FBD48/301 BZX84J-C36,115

4.Related Press and market information

It is reported that ROHM and NXP have cooperated with this chip for more than a year. Although NXP has its own power supply design team, but composed of multiple discrete devices, ROHM's single-chip solution is called "the best solution" by NXP and is tying to NXP's i.MX 8M. For example, the Android Things 1.0 development board that has been used on NXP May 7, 2018, was launched for the Google I/O 2018 Developer Conference.

According to Leonardo Azevedo, senior marketing director of i.MX at NXP, “ROHM is an important partner in the i.MX ecosystem. With the i.MX 8M processor, the BD71837MWV is for customers seeking a single-chip power solution. It Is the best choice."The product was sold in June 2018 (800 yen/a, not including tax). It plans to start mass production at a monthly production capacity of 400,000 in October . The production base of the previous process was ROHM Hamamatsu Co., Ltd. (Hamamatsu City, Japan), and the production process of the later process was ROHM Electronics Philippines, Inc(Philippines).

In the future, ROHM will continue to develop products and technologies that contribute to energy conservation and system optimization, and contribute to social development.

learn more information about i.MX 8 Family of Applications Processors NXP,you may view this article:i.MX 8 Family of Applications Processors NXP


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