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ROHM develops the industry's first fully-silver-free, high-brightness red LED "SML-Y18U2T"

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:26:54

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 < overview >
The World famous semiconductor manufacturers ROHM for automobile industry to develop the industry's first completely  high brightness leds "SML - Y18U2T" red, very help automobile brake lights used in harsh environment such as the application of the high reliability improvement.

The product that was developed  was replaced with gold and other materials to replace the silver used in conventional wafer bonding solder pastes and frames, achieving complete non-silverization. This eliminates the phenomenon of LED brightness degradation due to corrosion of silver and improves the reliability of the application. For example, after using conventional products and new products for 240 hours (10 days) under the vulcanization test conditions, the luminous flux of the new products can be improved by about 40% compared with the old products.

The product will be sold from February 2018 (the sample price is 200 yen/one: excluding tax). It is estimated that the product will be produced in the amount of one million yuan per month from April 2019.The preliminary process was carried out in ROHM headquarters (Japan's capital city), and the latter process was carried out in ROHM Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd. (China) and ROHM-Wako Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd.(Malaysia).

In the future, ROHM will continue to satisfy customers' needs and continue to expand the product lineup with excellent usability.

the industry's first fully-silver-free, high-brightness red LED "SML-Y18U2T"

<Background > 

In recent years, more and more LED lights have been used as brake lights for automobiles. In order to reduce the number of LEDs mounted, the demand for high-brightness products is increasing. On the other hand, in the automotive and industrial equipment applications where electronic products are used in harsh environments, the vulcanization of metallic materials due to environmental factors,it has become the main cause of aging over the years, and the prevention of vulcanization has become an important factor in ensuring reliability.

< The product details >

The industry's first non-silver red LED with excellent anti-vulcanization performance and high brightness

In the past, there has been a problem that the portion of the solder paste used for the element wafer bonding *2) is blackened to lower the LED luminous intensity. However, ROHM utilizes the advantages of a vertically integrated production system from components to packages. Au Su is used for wafer bonding, gold is used for leads, and AuPd is used for the framework. High brightness and excellent anti-vulcanization properties.

In the vulcanization test, the luminous flux of the products with silver-plated frames and silver slurry in the past was 70% after one cycle (24 hours), and 60% after 10 cycles. The longer the time was, the lower the luminous flux was.The new product can still maintain a high luminous flux of almost 100% after 10 cycles (240 hours).

Automotive interior and exterior, outdoor display equipment, industrial equipment

1) Vulcanization

Hydrogen sulfide in the air (which is also contained in the exhaust gas emitted by automobiles and factories) acts on the surface of metals such as silver to make the surface black.

2) Die Bonding

Each device is selected by a device and coated with an adhesive such as silver paste to fix it.

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