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RFM RF SAW Filter for Front-End 868.6MHz Receivers

Update Time: 2019-12-19 23:54:31

RFM RF SAW Filter for Front-End 868.6MHz Receivers

The RFM RF SAW Filter for Front-End 868.6MHz Receivers is a low-loss, compact, and economical surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) filter designed to provide front-end selectivity in 868.6MHz receivers. Receiver designs using this filter include superheterodyne with 10.7 MHz or lower intermediate frequencies, plus direct conversion and superregeneratives. Typical applications of the RFM RF SAW FILTER for Front-End 868.6MHZ Receivers are wireless remote-control and security devices operating in Europe under ETSI I-ETS 300 220.

RFM enables the next generation of wirelessapplications by offering a broad range of wireless solutions, fromcomprehensive industrial wireless sensor networks to high-performanceRF components. Low-power wireless technologies are providing theconnectivity of the future, and RFM is providing the solutions to make those connections.RF Monolithics, Inc was founded in 1979.RFM's principal administrative, sales, marketing, and research and development facilities are located in Dallas, Texas. They are engaging in designing and manufacturing low-power RF products using surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology.Their sales offices located in California, Georgia´╝îMinnesota, and Europe. RFM designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of radio frequency (RF) component and module products in low-power RF products.The RFM Products Group includes RF communications components, subsystem short-range radios, RF modules and boxed radios. These products use surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology and are either manufactured as discrete devices to perform specific functions or as integrated modules to provide system performance.They have received ISO9001, TS 16949 certifications.In 2006,RFM purchased the modules manufacturer Cirronet.Then they can provides a comprehensive selection of wireless standards and proprietary-based communications and networking products. There are more than thirty years' experience in the design and manufacture of low-power radio frequency (RF) products.RFM is enabling OEM design engineers to connect and network more devices, equipment, and processes than before....


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