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Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:07:40


Semelab Ltd offers one of the world's broadest ranges of high performance RF Power MOSFETs.
Our devices are based on five unique die types, including products rated from 750mW to over 400W, at operating frequencies of up to 1GHz. The devices have an operating voltage of 12.5V, 28V and 50V.

We offer over 90 devices in a complete range of packages - to suit all applications, from low cost to ultra high spec, ultra high reliability systems.

Our unique Silicon Vertical DMOS process uses gold metalisation for maximum performance and reliability at high power.

RF Division P

RF Division Power MOSFETsower MOSFETs

Devices are available in a complete range of single-ended and push-pull packages, including ceramic flange and surface mount as well as plastic packages.

  •   Ultra wide band - 1MHz to 1GHz
  •   Highest gain via reduced Miller Effect
  •   Gain of 20db VHF, 16db UHF
  •   Wide power range - 750mW to 400W
  •   Very low Rds (ON)
  •   Very low inter-electrode capacitance
  •   High efficiency >50% broadband
  •   Highly rugged >10:1 VSWR withstand
  •   High reliability - gold metalised
  •   Low feedback capacitance
  •   Excellent thermal stability
  •   Diamond enhanced performance

Our devices are used in:

  •   Comms handsets and base stations
  •   EMC test equipment
  •   Medical electronics
  •   TWT replacements
  •   Jammers
  •   DAB transmitters
  •   VHF radio and TV transmitters
  •   TETRA handsets and basestations
Semelab has recently been made aware of the existence of counterfeit copies of its D1002UK RF power MOSFET. These devices are mechanically virtually identical and marked with an identification code, part number and date code that mimic Semelab's format, but they are NOT electrically similar and DO NOT CONFORM to the relevant Semelab datasheet.

We would like to remind our customers that genuine Semelab products can be purchased only through authorised distributors as listed on this website. Counterfeit products violate Semelab's intellectual property rights and may expose the purchaser as well as the producer to significant legal liability.

Semelab is taking steps to tackle this counterfeiting; if any customer has a query in relation to parts held by them, they should contact Semelab giving full details so that the parts' authenticity may be checked against Semelab's production records.


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