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RF Chip Inductors are available with ceramic or ferrite cores.

Update Time: 2019-12-20 12:03:57

RF Chip Inductors are available with ceramic or ferrite cores.

Sumida Electronics has launched a new series of 0603-size wire-wound chip inductors, targeting the RF and communications markets.  Because they are available with ceramic or ferrite core construction, an exceptionally wide range of inductance values are offered within the series.

The Sumida Series 5406 offers higher Self-Resonant Frequency (SRF) values than most 0603 inductors for excellent performance in communications circuitry applications.  Inductance values range from 1.5 nH to 470nH for ceramic and 470nH to 2,700 nH for ferrite.  Q ratings are as high as 80 at 800MHz with Self Resonant Frequencies as high as 6 GHz for ceramic and 600 MHz for ferrite.  Devices with either core provide current handling well within typical application circuitry requirements; and operation in ambient temperatures from -55°C to 125°C.  RoHS approved.

The 5406 Series RF chip inductors are products of Sumida’s comprehensive R&D and vertical manufacturing capabilities.  Sumida is a leader in development of the composite materials, which are required for smaller, thinner cores to achieve high performance.  Both raw materials and composites are analyzed and verified throughout the manufacturing process.  Coil winding technology is also constantly being advanced.  Sumida’s own NC (Numeric Control) control of the winding machines, allows the highest possible adherence to component tolerances and quality during production.

The Series 5406 is available with 30 day delivery.  For more information visit:  Sumida America Components Inc. (847) 545-6700,

Note: Sumida is a leading manufactures electronic components and modules, including inductors and transformers for RF signal and power applications. These devices are used in a range of markets, including communications, automotive, consumer electronics, renewable energy and medical technology.


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