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Renesas launches 100V,4A Half-Bridge N-MOSFET Driver-ISL784x4

Update Time: 2019-12-20 11:29:37

1.The overview of news

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a famous supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced a new family of automotive-grade 100V, 4A half-bridge N-channel MOSFET drivers.

The SL784x4 family of drivers includes three models: ISL78424,ISL78444 and ISL78434.The ISL78444 has single tri-level PWM input for controlling both gate drivers, and the ISL78434, which has dual independent inputs that separately control the high-side and low-side drivers.

The ISL784x4 half-bridge N-MOSFET driver complements the ISL78224 four-phase bidirectional controller, enabling it to deliver up to 3kW of power and more than 95% efficiency for 12V-48V power converters used in light hybrid vehicles. The ISL784x4 driver is also ideal for 12V-24V bidirectional DC/DC power converters, as well as other high current buck or boost power conversion applications.

Renesas launches 100V,4A Half-Bridge N-MOSFET Driver-ISL784x4

The related informations about N-MOSFET Driver Drive ISL784x4

The ISL784x4 driver simplifies the drive of high-current MOSFETs by providing independent sourcing and sinking MOSFET gate drive pins.

This allows designers to easily use external drive resistors to regulate the rise and fall rates of the DC/DC converter's switching node voltage, thereby reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The ISL784x4 also provides adaptive dead time control to ensure accurate on-off switching operation and prevent shoot-through current that can occur when both DC/DC converter switches are turned on simultaneously. In addition,the ISL78424 and ISL78434’s adaptive dead time function is able to sense at the gate of the MOSFETs, eliminating potential errors introduced by voltage drops across the external gate resistors controlling the switching node slew rate.

The ISL784x4 family of drivers is ideal for high current DC/DC power converter applications such as the 12-48V power converter for 48V light hybrid vehicles. They increase efficiency by providing a powerful drive capability with 3A peak source current and 4A peak sink current.

The powerful gate drive capability allows them to quickly switch high current MOSFETs with large gate capacitances, reducing switching losses.

The adaptive dead time control of the half-bridge MOSFET driver minimizes excess dead time, which reduces conduction losses and further improves the conversion efficiency of the DC/DC power supply.

In addition, the ISL784x4 family of drives is rated for 48V automotive systems where the switch node can withstand 70V DC and withstand transient voltages up to 86V infrequently.

Similarly, the bootstrap node of the high-side driver can withstand 86V dc and transient voltages up to 100V.

How to thinks about this new half-bridge driver

“Our new ISL784x4 half-bridge driver family is the first to combine gate-sensed adaptive dead time control with independent source/sink pins for slew-rate control,” said Akira Omichi, Vice President, Automotive System Project Management Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “Several best-in-class features enable the highly integrated ISL78424, ISL78434 and ISL78444 to outperform competitive half-bridge drivers, giving our customers the ultimate in performance and ease of use.”

What are the key features of ISL78424, ISL78434 and ISL78444

● 3A sourcing / 4A sinking output current
● Three-state level PWM input (ISL78424 and ISL78444)
● Independent HI/LI drive input (ISL78434)
● Independent source pins and sink pins at drive output (ISL78424 and ISL78434)
● Wide supply voltage range of 8V to 18V
● Integrated 3Ω bootstrap FET switch eliminates the need for an external Schottky diode
● Single resistance control adjusts adaptive dead time

● AEC-Q100 Grade-1 qualified and specified for operation from -40°C to +140°C

How to use the 4A Half-Bridge N-MOSFET Driver

The ISL78424 and ISL78444, which use a three-state level PWM signal, can be used in conjunction with the ISL78224 four-phase bidirectional synchronous PWM controller to convert power between the 12V and 48V buses in a 48V light hybrid vehicle. 

Designers can also use Renesas Electronics' RH850 microcontrollers for ASIL security monitoring, system control and vehicle communications. The ISL78424 and ISL78444 can also be used in conjunction with the ISL78225 four-phase controller or the ISL78220 six-phase controller to implement the power supply design for automotive audio amplifiers.

Pricing and Availability for the ISL784x4

All three half-bridge drivers – ISL78424, ISL78434 and ISL78444 – and evaluation boards are available now.Each model is available in a 14-pin HTSSOP package, $1.70/piece, and 1000-piece.

For more details about the ISL78424,ISL78444,ISL78434 please visit:

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