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Renesas Electronics unveiled RX66T Series Microcontrollers

Update Time: 2019-12-20 11:52:37

 Renesas Electronics unveiled RX66T Series Microcontrollers

TOKYO, Japan ― Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has introduced the RX66T family of microcontrollers (MCUs).This is the first member of the flagship product in Renesas Electronics' 32-bit RX MCU family, all featuring the new third-generation RXv3 CPU core.

The RX66T uses advanced CPU core technology to dramatically improve performance,it is 2.5 times better than previous RX Series MCUs.In addition, it combines the advantages of the new RXv3 core with the RX62T and RX63T MCUs to provide the real-time performance and stability required for inverter control.

These new MCUs are ideal for industrial applications in next-generation smart plant equipment such as industrial motors, power conditioners and robots, as well as smart home devices including air conditioners and washing machines.

When operating in a 160 MHz environment, the RX66T MCU achieves 928 CoreMark's industry-leading performance for more accurate inverter control.These MCUs can control up four motors simultaneously, making them become the ideal for traditional motor control and applications requiring multi-axis motor control.

These applications include compact industrial robots and personal robots that are rapidly gaining popularity.In addition, the RX66T's additional processing power allows developers to add programs using embedded AI (e-AI) for motor fault detection. These programs are capable of detecting motor faults in real time and determining the location of the fault based on the current or vibration characteristics of the motor.

This feature brings significant added value to developers in terms of productivity, security and quality. The RX66T MCU also integrates a 5V power supply to provide excellent noise margin.

Fu Tianming, General Manager, IA Solutions Business Unit, Industrial Solutions Division, “Artificial intelligence is changing the face of the industrial equipment and household appliances industries.

In these markets, emerging e-AI  will be a catalyst for terminal innovation. This new RX66T MCU family will help accelerate the adoption of smart terminals with real-time e-AI performance. This trend will drive the intelligence of home appliances and the productivity of smart factories development.”

As more and more devices access the Internet of Things, these powered devices are required to updates online firmware throughout their lifecycle. 

Applying e-AI to predictive fault diagnosis requires ensuring that the device-side MCU is safely updated through the learning results generated by the cloud. The RX66T MCU family combines Renesas Electronics' Trusted Secure IP (TSIP) (CAVP certified 3) to provide secure firmware updates and encrypted communications.

Overview of RX66T Group microcontrollers

RX66T Group microcontrollers are the first products equipped with the RXv3 third-generation RX CPU core, and are optimal for motor control applications. The RX66T Group enables simultaneous control of up to four motors by max 160 MHz operating frequency CPU core and motor control peripherals. Built-in security and safety features also offer new added value for inverter control applications.

Key Features of the RX66T MCU Group

RXv3 Core 160 MHz operation (5.8 CoreMark/MHz)
2.7 to 5.5 V operation
Operating Temperature -40 to 105 °C
Program Flash up to 1 MB, SRAM up to 128 KB
Enhanced Analog
-12-bit A/D Converter x 3 units , 12-bit D/A Converter x 2 channels
-6-channel Comparators
-6-channel Pseudo-Differential PGA
160 MHz PWM
-4 channels for 3-phase complementary switching, 2 channels for 5-phase complementary switching, 10 channels for single-phase complementary switching
-4-channel high-resolution PWM enables minimum 195 ps timing adjustment
Trusted Secure IP Lite (AES/TRNG)

Pricing and Availability

The Renesas Motor Workbench 2.0 supports 20kHz real-time debugging and adds 10 new functions and an RX66T CPU card for the 24V Motor Control Evaluation Kit are available now.The new RX66T Group comprises 80 MCUs with pin counts ranging from 64 to 144 pins and on-chip flash memory sizes of 256 KB to 1024KB. Mass production starts for the widely used 100-pin package MCU with 256 KB or 512 KB of program flash and 64 KB of SRAM. Other MCU versions will release over time. Pricing for the RX66T MCU Group starts at US$3.25 per unit in 10,000-unit quantities. (Pricing and availability is subject to change without notice.

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